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new instalation problem..

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I decided to look at a few popular NAS systems, other than Qnap, Synology, etc., to use with a few other ITX parts (a few standard ITX motherboards and a few boxes left from old Acer H340, DATTO ..).
For 1 weekend I managed to install and test FreeNAS, XigmaNAS, OpenMedia, Xpenology... I also had a great desire to see Amahi (described as a nice multimedia system easy to install and operate). Unfortunately, I only encountered great difficulties with her and in the end after 2 days of trying I could not get her to work . I'm not sure why I couldn't run it, but it's definitely not user-friendly and the installation itself. Maybe it is good to work on a better stand-alone installation of the system than 0 ..
In the end, all my attempts ended with the message and I could not find a reasonable reason for the simplest access to the web interface ..:

The Dashboard has encountered an exception!
Woopsie. Sorry about that!

It could be due to a bug, or very low memory, or very low disk in the root (/) partition.

If your disk or memory are not critical, it's likely a bug.

If this persists, please file a bug report with as much detail as you can.

You will be redirected to a debug page with more information shortly.

For Troubleshooting visit here Troubleshoot

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