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Docker Container support for Amahi server

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I been thinking about add docker support to Amahi server this weekend,it would great to add docker containers function to amahi server the easiest way of doing this I think is to create a new section on the control panel page under the apps called containers this would work very much the same away as the apps , but would create a docker containers and then download the image from or anything other website ,we would need a share called container that would store local date and files, before creating the container the user would be able to select ports details if you don't change it will be the default for the container and the same for all the details too, would be good to have a user name for the container and password hide unless you click the eye button or copy button, I am sure the user name and password could store in the database cryptod, maybe this functionality would be good to add to apps too, with the option for the user to update the password and user ID, or blank it out if they don't want it, back to the container the user would have to option to stop, restart , update container maybe a detail how it been running and so on, and be able too see what port number the container is using, I have idea's on the screens, would look like but the keeping it with the Amahi standard, I am happy to help and testing this functionality

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We have an app to add Docker support to Amahi already. adds a web UI for managing containers.

There are some Docker apps packaged as well,such as MariaDB Docker, phpMyAdmin Docker, ownCloud Docker and Nextcloud Docker so far.

Its best Docker be kept separate from Amahi. There was an attempt to include it in Amahi 11, but it was not finished.

Lesson learned from the past is to keep things such as this out of the platform. They can work just as well as an app.

If you want to test them, let me know and I can add you as a collaborator. I have a version ready for Amahi 12 as well.

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BTW, forgot Docker does not work currently with Fedora 32. Not sure if it will ever get fixed. It's related to CGroups version 1 which is not supported by Fedora 32. It uses CGroups version 2. There is a work around, but it's risky.

Fedora has their own Docker version called Podman. It's works pretty much like Docker and we have it packaged as well for Fedora 32. The Docker applications will work with it pretty much seamlessly.

I've done extensive testing with it as well.

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