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Version 0.15.0 Released

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* Improvement: when a file is modified, don't wake all storage pool drives unless necessary
* Improvement: Less log spam when postponing a task for a frozen dir
* Bugfix: webapp (to visualize used space) was missing some includes
* Bugfix: quiet PHP warning about file_put_contents() when trying to save a metafile eg. when drive is full; but log a warning
* Removing deprecated db_engine from example .conf and man page
 *Removed underline from '=' character, in greyhole.conf man page
*Allow disk-usage web-app to run from any dir
* Document 'check_storage_pool_schedule' config
* WIP: New web UI to monitor / control Greyhole; UI only for now, nothing is connected (changing values does nothing!) Ref: #8
* Better organization of code in new web UI; split init, functions, styles, and javascript into different files
* New web UI: save changed (config) values in /etc/greyhole.conf, using the new "--config name value" parameter of the greyhole CLI
* Dark/Light modes
* New Web UI: added Status section
* Committed test code by error; small UI improvements
* New Web UI: add new drive to storage pool (using modal); needs more validation checks
* New Web UI: multiple UI tweaks
* New web UI: various improvements, mostly in code, but some in UX: allow using web UI without DB connected; num_copies=max is not the same as num_copies=# (where # is the number of storage pool drives); added favicon
* New web UI: Samba config ([global] only), and users (view and add only); missing: restart Samba when needed
* New web UI: enable/disable Greyhole for specific Samba shares; restart Samba when needed (prompt)
* Bugfix: use utf8mb4 charset for MySQL session; fixes issues with non-ASCII characters in du_stats
* New web UI: create new Samba share
* New web UI: disk usage browser (treemap & bar graphs)
* New web UI: use menu to show different sections; split code in different view files; other small improvements
* Small updates to README and example .conf
* New web UI: Added help text to Greyhole config; updating browser history & page title when navigating (tabs) using Javascript
* New web UI: New LICENSE (donation-ware), and related UI elements
* Merge pull request #243 from gboudreau/dev/web-ui
* Update INSTALL
* Update
* Balance Status graphic in web UI (Status page), when --balance is ongoing
* Bugfix: get_debug_bt() was modifying the actual function arguments (objects and array), replacing them with string representations!
* Bugfix: don't insert into settings table if it already contains something (an empty array, for example)
* Improvement: better log, when a file is kept open by another process
* Bugfix: Stop loading Gone-FSCKed-Drives setting from DB over and over for no reason. Same for Gone-OK-Drives. Fixes: #244
* Bugfix: allow .deb to be installed in a Ubuntu Docker container, where modprobe is not installed, and /sys/modules/ are read-only
* Bugfix: status table was not logging executed tasks, because the action column definition was wrong
* Web UI: new wizard for initial setup
* Including new web UI in release
* Web UI: Bugfix: show Samba config options in red when invalid (wide links off, or unix extensions on & allow insecure wide links off)

Not sure how this will integrate with Amahi now a web UI is included. It requires a donation to continue use of UI after initial setup. - Greyhole VFS module for Samba 4.13.2 (61.4 KB) bigfoot65, 11/29/2020 12:12 PM


#1 Updated by cpg 7 months ago

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Try this one. It's built on Fedora 33, however, there may be issue with versions of samba. F33 has samba-4.13. Even though there is a source code version of the DLL for 4.13, the latest DLL that is compiled in the GH tarball is for 4.12.

For now I put a warning. The differences be small enough of that it works.

rpm -Uvh

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 7 months ago

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Still having the same issue as before with the shares not being accessible if the vfs objects = greyhole is used.

BTW, it using an empty DLL file labeled as

I read this in the Greyhole instructions:

For Samba 4.13 and later: The files packaged with Greyhole won't work on your system.
You'll need to compile your own VFS module.

Fedora: sudo yum -y install patch gcc python-devel gnutls-devel make rpcgen


That would create the appropriate VFS module for Fedora 33. Thinking this may be the fix.

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 7 months ago

I built the Greyhole Samba 4.13.2 VFS module and installed it manually on my Fedora 33 machine.

Greyhole is now working as designed and all shares are accessible from my Windows client.

I'm attaching the file for inclusion in the test RPM.

#4 Updated by cpg 7 months ago

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Try this one and report, please

rpm -Uvh

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 7 months ago

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Everything appears to be working correctly now on Fedora 27 and 33.

Recommend release to the respective repos.

Also, 0.15.0 and greater has removed the free Disk Utilization web application. It is now part of the paid admin web UI he recently released.

I have disabled the F27 and F33 versions of the app in the Amahi Store.

#6 Updated by cpg 7 months ago

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Released to repos. Note that the f33 version rpm in testing had an issue that I am not sure how to make things still work. Best to reinstall it to make sure.

Closing. Thanks for the testing!

#7 Updated by bigfoot65 7 months ago

Reinstalled RPM in Fedora 33. So far all looks ok.

Will submit a new bug report if I find any issues.

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