Bug #2437

Version 0.15.0 Released

Added by bigfoot65 6 days ago.

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* Improvement: when a file is modified, don't wake all storage pool drives unless necessary
* Improvement: Less log spam when postponing a task for a frozen dir
* Bugfix: webapp (to visualize used space) was missing some includes
* Bugfix: quiet PHP warning about file_put_contents() when trying to save a metafile eg. when drive is full; but log a warning
* Removing deprecated db_engine from example .conf and man page
 *Removed underline from '=' character, in greyhole.conf man page
*Allow disk-usage web-app to run from any dir
* Document 'check_storage_pool_schedule' config
* WIP: New web UI to monitor / control Greyhole; UI only for now, nothing is connected (changing values does nothing!) Ref: #8
* Better organization of code in new web UI; split init, functions, styles, and javascript into different files
* New web UI: save changed (config) values in /etc/greyhole.conf, using the new "--config name value" parameter of the greyhole CLI
* Dark/Light modes
* New Web UI: added Status section
* Committed test code by error; small UI improvements
* New Web UI: add new drive to storage pool (using modal); needs more validation checks
* New Web UI: multiple UI tweaks
* New web UI: various improvements, mostly in code, but some in UX: allow using web UI without DB connected; num_copies=max is not the same as num_copies=# (where # is the number of storage pool drives); added favicon
* New web UI: Samba config ([global] only), and users (view and add only); missing: restart Samba when needed
* New web UI: enable/disable Greyhole for specific Samba shares; restart Samba when needed (prompt)
* Bugfix: use utf8mb4 charset for MySQL session; fixes issues with non-ASCII characters in du_stats
* New web UI: create new Samba share
* New web UI: disk usage browser (treemap & bar graphs)
* New web UI: use menu to show different sections; split code in different view files; other small improvements
* Small updates to README and example .conf
* New web UI: Added help text to Greyhole config; updating browser history & page title when navigating (tabs) using Javascript
* New web UI: New LICENSE (donation-ware), and related UI elements
* Merge pull request #243 from gboudreau/dev/web-ui
* Update INSTALL
* Update
* Balance Status graphic in web UI (Status page), when --balance is ongoing
* Bugfix: get_debug_bt() was modifying the actual function arguments (objects and array), replacing them with string representations!
* Bugfix: don't insert into settings table if it already contains something (an empty array, for example)
* Improvement: better log, when a file is kept open by another process
* Bugfix: Stop loading Gone-FSCKed-Drives setting from DB over and over for no reason. Same for Gone-OK-Drives. Fixes: #244
* Bugfix: allow .deb to be installed in a Ubuntu Docker container, where modprobe is not installed, and /sys/modules/ are read-only
* Bugfix: status table was not logging executed tasks, because the action column definition was wrong
* Web UI: new wizard for initial setup
* Including new web UI in release
* Web UI: Bugfix: show Samba config options in red when invalid (wide links off, or unix extensions on & allow insecure wide links off)

Not sure how this will integrate with Amahi now a web UI is included. It requires a donation to continue use of UI after initial setup.

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