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apps with app dependencies do not seem to install the dep

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I cannot seem to run Home Assistant Docker and I was not sure what is going on. All I get is a "Service Unavailable" message.

Granted I need to learn about docker, but for now I think the Docker CE app was not pulled as an app dependency, as it was not installed.


#1 Updated by cpg over 1 year ago

I installed Docker CE by hand (which itself installed Docker CE Repo as a dep! and it worked!?).

Reinstalled and it still does not work. There are some messages in the install log that may shed some light?

=======  app install begin      @  2020-12-14 14:20:34 +0100 ==========
Installing   app id qyq5kodygk under /var/hda/platform/html/script/.. ENV=production
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Downloading home-assistant image...
Completed short name "homeassistant/home-assistant" with unqualified-search registries (origin: /etc/containers/registries.conf)
Trying to pull
  manifest unknown: manifest unknown
Trying to pull
  name unknown: Repo not found
Trying to pull
  manifest unknown: manifest unknown
Trying to pull
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:715e44207e4b4b935047fb411db454c1a38db973bd442567eb3e336df0bc6bc9
Copying blob sha256:d8ff46c50e4cd0ca12e9d2aa39b763f8ff830976d652ce42529aece2dcdf4563
Copying blob sha256:83e458825758eca151df9c37792a09c026a228f9e71ea2c3518be6cca1eee4e2
Copying blob sha256:554b6a0a1c40a236faf81f14e2553bbd045b7084278d6929dfa8de819ee9d32f
Copying blob sha256:188c0c94c7c576fff0792aca7ec73d67a2f7f4cb3a6e53a84559337260b36964
Copying blob sha256:bc91c4987a2180f5396f464d44d6a943ce5ba0f91f8dd34c1d948d7263d65cad
Copying blob sha256:f4f68ce42e304edd8ca4fb0102d46f9d3c143f6ce9ad7e8fe1e6a294475571f4
Copying blob sha256:146c01da451a28e301419294332f3b376724f72fbef5dd0a4a71e577efbc4b38
Copying blob sha256:67976a0cee84ed6a37d6fe2fcac70ec7fa6803f6e13a424f2783e8d12e4f08b3
Copying blob sha256:05a9011f94797e9d442d493652832e5cc07a548042740c2f03c49cc2340957c1
Copying blob sha256:e3bf5b485dda492158711fe40aaacd81993984f28130c9fd0a4d5c12ce1b32b1
Copying blob sha256:348203cf2df7548620c4333d5c0f81b8ec40fc54295b538b97c35bcbcdf66940
Copying blob sha256:43a99f3ca67c3c8be148b65cecf611b241e48cf7d51cb653ddc44f9c5eef4469
Copying blob sha256:b7773d59b8b7efa5a5ced60ae5ef73246eda5eaf413e8cddc3d84d2e74b9dfec
Copying blob sha256:df78b1408580a1b5b7c64da568f77b7a29cec992d7d0ceefe8973353058f8ea8
Copying blob sha256:101a0208108463d615fdd09c087eedb1cb40b91a4c4bfec8f0e2ae1eaa570c98
Copying blob sha256:d41cacdd1a421b45ad6661f00aa1282f0d35a26ca97efd5bebc29da600dd5aeb
Copying blob sha256:525da7de019589a4fe41a61215883fc8f7fd5769a986bf6b1514753ecdf25f3f
Copying blob sha256:550fa884df0d007167d2b28392cc4b2a0ea576066a34560ad1bda4ab6869e459
Copying blob sha256:062908a5f0c47ff87c1e831967b076e9b2c9e17334c7530b9c4af503e09490c4
Copying blob sha256:56aa77785c5978415c4698547deac8d5a3de87aa5be49a7610bca2b2639b5a5e
Copying config sha256:dfa6b0df82aaa9b34318568150bbd3d53a50f361c2b34623c78c74dc82037872
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
Creating Home-Assistant container...
Error: statfs /var/hda/files/podman/hass/config: no such file or directory
App: Home Assistant Docker installed

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 over 1 year ago

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For A12, I sent the app dependency to use podman. That is why Docker was not installed.

The app could be modified to use Docker quite easily if you want to test.

Please let me know and I can make the changes.

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 over 1 year ago

This is related to the issue you emailed you about with testmaster. F33 apps use whatever code is listed in the F27 app. As a result, this app did not install what was specified in F33 app. It defaulted to the F27 app which is different.

Had the same issue with podman. Since I did not add any code to the F27 app, just a basic shell nothing was installed for F33 when I tested it. Once I updated the F27 app to match the F33 app, app went as designed.

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