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Get application version from file.

Added by bsk almost 13 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Add the ability to get the application version from the application package alone.

An example of why this can be a problem setting one version for the app is because, if its installed from the repo, the version changes upon distro version change (ie Fedora 10 to Fedora 11).

In this case, on F10 the application Transmission's version is 1.51, but on F11 the version is 1.72 (latest).

Once a new version of the distro is released, application packagers stop making it avaliable to older versions of said distro. So instead of letting the user fill in the package version, have it select it from the repo.

Might also be easier if the user picks from repo/rpm, through a radio button, if rpm the user specifies the package version, if repo, it gets the version from there.


#1 Updated by khelmar almost 13 years ago

As far as having a way to get the version info, since the app packager fills that in for each app, couldn't the installer create a .version file in the web-app/<application> directory with that value?

That might not work for apps that don't create a directory under web-apps, but it could probably be adapted for any app depending on the install directory. I suppose it could be .version.<APPNAME>, in case themes are all installed to the same directory.

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