Bug #264

workaround for issues with upgrades to platform 3.4, undefined method `value' for nil:NilClass

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 Status: 500 Internal Server Error
 undefined method `value' for nil:NilClass

this is the possible work-around, to be done as root:

(cd /var/hda/platform/html/ ; rake db:migrate VERSION=20090418104148 ; rake db:migrate)


#1 Updated by ILUsion about 12 years ago

As this was my system the original bug occured on, I ran the proposed work-around, but judging from the output, it wasn't successful. After doing another test, this was confirmed.

The output of the work-around:

== 20090718233103 AddServerShareToApp: reverting ==============================
-- remove_column(:apps, :share_id)
   -> 0.1969s
-- remove_column(:apps, :server_id)
   -> 0.0084s
== 20090718233103 AddServerShareToApp: reverted (0.2065s) =====================

== 20090711072328 AddSharesDebug: reverting ===================================
== 20090711072328 AddSharesDebug: reverted (0.0652s) ==========================

== 20090704040300 AddAdvancedFeatureSetting: reverting ========================
== 20090704040300 AddAdvancedFeatureSetting: reverted (0.0021s) ===============

== 20090618023755 CreateServers: reverting ====================================
-- drop_table(:servers)
   -> 0.0603s
== 20090618023755 CreateServers: reverted (0.0609s) ===========================

== 20090609181000 CreateFirewallRules: reverting ==============================
-- drop_table(:firewalls)
   -> 0.0333s
== 20090609181000 CreateFirewallRules: reverted (0.0355s) =====================

== 20090516010955 AddDefaultNetworkSettings: reverting ========================
rake aborted!
You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
You might have expected an instance of ActiveRecord::Base.
The error occurred while evaluating nil.destroy

To clarify my setup as of far:
I didn't follow the standard install, but rather installed Fedora 10 and after realising Amahi is to be installed from inside the installer; I ran the procedure described on the wiki. As it returned some errors (unrecognized service mysqld, I manually installed mysql-server with yum (no mucking about with real manual installs) and used it on the otherwise virgin Fedora install). Afterwards, I noticed the HTTP 500 Error, so I ran the installer again with another reboot but keeping the HTTP 500 error on http://setup (and http://hda/setup ).

Relevant log file:

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Opened cause there are still problems

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