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Unable to find the Domain Master Browser

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since we last did the major overhaul of the samba configuration interface, we have these messages popping up. some users get (understandably) worried about this.

all i can remember is that

  • this started when we added a variable to the global configuration, however, i don't remember which
  • it's supposed to be harmless

i think we should make this into a checkbox, which we can add into a (new) area called "Settings".

the message is:

nmbd[5620]: [2009/02/12 16:53:39,  0] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:find_domain_master_name_query_fail(350)
nmbd[5620]:   find_domain_master_name_query_fail:
nmbd[5620]:   Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name HOME.COM<1b> for the workgroup HOME.COM.
nmbd[5620]:   Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.

i just checked in a bare area for samba settings. see commit 79de8a8.

not much there, just an area platform/platform/html/app/views/share/_settings.html.erb
for the settings to go into. small screenshot attached.

share-settings.jpg View (14 KB) cpg, 02/12/2009 06:14 PM


#1 Updated by obnox over 13 years ago

this is harmless. a "local master browser" must search for a "domain master browser" an syncronize its browse lists if it finds one. if there is no domain master browser (usually a domain controller), then it can not syncronize browse lists. browsing (i.e. the network neighborhood) will then only work in subnets (brodacast domains). if you want browsing across subnet borders, then you will need a domain master browser. either a windows domain controller, or you can tell samba to be a domain master browser by setting "domain master = yes" in smb.conf.

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Can this be closed or are we looking for another solution?

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