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is there a way that we could have a captive portal.
amahi serving as router/dns server. if a user that is connected to the Amahi server would like to browse the web and they open their web-browser they would be presented with a web-page where they would need to enter a username and password before they are given acces to surf the web?

a bit like what zeroshell linux and monowall do - ... ls/6751/1/

I raised this request in the forum -
and CPG directed me to this page to log it as a feature request. would be great if this could be done



#1 Updated by error10 over 12 years ago

The two big things this would require are:

  1. Allowing Amahi to operate as a router as well as a server. This is something that interests me personally and I'm playing around with it on my own home network.
  2. Packaging a captive portal application such as Chillispot.

#2 Updated by cpg over 12 years ago

the upcoming Amahi 5.0 release has a "portal" for regular users and a full portal for others (admin).

is this what you meant?
will this work?

#3 Updated by khelmar over 12 years ago

cpg - it's a little different. This request would intercept web requests from people, and require them to authenticate before allowing them to continue to use the internet. Basically, the HDA would either have to sit between the internet and the rest of the network (router), or would have to interface with DD-WRT, allowing the wireless router to be the internet portal and having the HDA do the authentication.

Another alternative, that requires a second computer, would be to set up a Zeroshell router / captive portal, but have the HDA provide the authentication for the login. I haven't set this up, but I think if the HDA is the PDC, it might work....

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