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easily customizeable user "home page" modeled after Google Sites

Added by boomerang56 almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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I would like to see the ability to have "http://hda" bring up a customized attractive page with "my stuff" on it.

For example in a Google Sites page I can easily "insert" any Google app and even specify how many pixels for the app to occupy. I can insert any of my Google slideshows, my calendar, anything I've saved as a Google Doc...

I want a customizable, theme-able page where I can insert my Amahi apps. When I navigate to "http://hda" I'd like to see an attractive page with my pictures playing. I'd like to have a small interface to Ampache. A calendar, whether Amahi or Google. If I install the "Rnews" app, I want to be able to insert R-News stories on the page. I want to be able to customize the layout - within reason, as easily as I can change the layout of a Google Sites page. Yes I know this means there will be limited options but that's fine.

Right now Amahi is excellent for what most people would consider "advanced users".

To make it ready for the masses - customers who buy the thing pre-packaged at BestBuy, a nice attractive customizable page that they can choose to keep private for family or open up to the web (via a password if they choose), would help sell the thing. Personally I just want a way to have easy browser based access to all my content from one page.

If I choose to add a Crossword puzzle app for example, I would want to be able to add a puzzle to this page and work on it without leaving the page.

Obviously this won't work with large complex apps. I just wanted to be able to easily create something personalized to show off and I think a lot of home users would find that attractive.


#1 Updated by boomerang56 almost 12 years ago

For a perfect example of what I have in mind see :

The rest of the screenshots are here:

This is exactly the kind of "polish" that in my opinion Amahi needs to be able to offer users. And I want it really bad - I'd gladly pay for for the level of functionality and end user appeal that's in Orb. But I want it to run on my Amahi box and ultimately be platform agnostic as far as whether the end user is on a Mac a PC or Linux.

#2 Updated by cpg almost 12 years ago

Great idea. Do you know any technology we can use for implementing this?

I wonder if there is something we could leverage, as this is a winner of a feature.
If you could do some research, it would be awesome.

#3 Updated by ichat almost 12 years ago

to direct to some kind of solucion - we should be looking at anny kind of portal app, that is well supported, and has a good user forum..

in any case it should be able to support addons (for our hda-apps) should preferably be written in php (as it is more used (thus more people can help support it), be able to authenitcate to the same db as amahi.

i'll search for and add links later... in any case to make it work properly it should eventually be added to the default amahi as amahi main page populating (http;//hdd ) the management tools and stuff could (if not allready there move to http;//hda/manager/ (or a simular place)

#4 Updated by rgmhtt almost 11 years ago

For starters make it possible to turn off the news feed.

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