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Slow Samba on Gigabit?

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I was experiencing slow samba shares on my gigabit network and the solution was to remove the following socket options and let the TCP stack control it instead: *SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192 *

Copying from a Windows based computer to the HDA with the socket options enabled would give me 10-15MB/s transfer speeds.
Without the socket options the transfer speeds were 30-35MB/s

There is more information on the following link:

What surprises me is that I use the socket options for samba at work and noone has ever complained... time to check that out!


#1 Updated by Pegasus almost 12 years ago

Just tested these changes at work and only saw an increase of 2MB/s... but an increase nonetheless.

Perhaps these are options for older kernels or older versions of samba.

Is anyone else able to test this?

(Servers are running RHEL5.3, not F10/Amahi).

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with the default options, i was able to transfer a 1734508544 byte iso image from a mac desktop to my hda, across two gigabit switches.

first time, 6 minutes.
second time, 4 minutes 20 seconds.

that's about 6514KB per second in the second time.

i turned off the suggested settings and restarted samba.

first time, 1 minute 5 seconds, or 24548KB per second.
second time, 1 minute 2 seconds

that's 3.7 times more performance. not bad!

this, of course, is a bit unscientific, but still.
i will run with this options for a while to see how well it works.

also, asking in #samba and perhaps #samba-technical to see their view may be interesting too.

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