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whilst following the wiki instructions for a jinzora2 install 2 issues so far have arisen.....

a) these lines are erronious: * Untar the app into a location of your choice say in your home directory (with tar -xzvf jz275.tar.gz) * This creates a folder called jinzora2 * In the case of jinzora, it needs the following step:

nano /var/hda/web-apps/jinzora2/.htaccess

in the first line you say to unzip to home dir....then 2 steps down you say to nan the /var/hda/web-apps/jinzora2/.htaccess should be ~/jinzora2/.htacess file according to directions

and finally....

b) continuing to follow the instructions it claims:
  1. Create an Amahi web app in the Web Apps tab, under setup
  2. For the root path of the app, point it to the root path of the web app you just untarred (/home/USERNAME/jinzora2/)
  3. Create the app - give it a name of your choice, say jinzora

unfortunately the main bug is this: when you put /home/USERNAME/jinzora2/ as the path it says path not valid...take the 2 out of it and voila it works....a cp -R ~/jinzora2 ~/jinzora will work as a workaround...but not pretty


#1 Updated by tammer over 13 years ago

once i got to the point of mysql DB creation apache completely stopped serving pages including the hda page....not until i created a /html and /logs directory within the ~/jinzora/ dir it started...but other web-apps would removed jinzora web-app and apache is happy again. instructions need a major overhaul

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working on fixing this.

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One click installer for Jinzora removes the issue

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