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Added by dizzy1 about 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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The pictures on the dashboard are referenced from the wiki. But some times I don't have internet, so the dashboard takes about a minute to load. Can the images be moved a local directory in the html folder?


#1 Updated by gboudreau about 12 years ago

Are you referring to the screenshots and logos in the Apps page, under setup?

#2 Updated by dizzy1 about 12 years ago

gboudreau wrote:

Are you referring to the screenshots and logos in the Apps page, under setup?

no, I am refering to this page. --> http://hda/

#3 Updated by cpg about 12 years ago

i think he means that the images for an app should all be downloaded and kept locally

#4 Updated by dizzy1 about 12 years ago

Sorry it was worded poorly. but thanks cpg for clarifying when i was unable to. I think it would be easier just ot download the picture when you install an app rather than having a copy of every app pic on the hard drive.

#5 Updated by anzenketh about 12 years ago

Something to think about though is that the list of available apps are also pulled from the net.

#6 Updated by dizzy1 about 12 years ago

Yes I am aware of that. I was meaning the dashboard as in when you got to the http://hda/ page. If you have no internet then it takes about a minute to load.

#7 Updated by Tephlon about 12 years ago

I'm not certain how others work with Amahi, but, in my mind, there are completely different expectations if I am going in there as a "user" wanting to use the applications and services that are provided by Amahi than if I am going in as an "administrator" wanting to upgrade/modify Amahi.

If I am a user, I just want to get to my applications quickly. While I may have shortcuts on the desktop or in my browser, having the links all available from the dashboard is not only convenient, it appears to be by design. The fact that I have to wait for the dashboard to load slowly because Internet is unavailable diminishes the user experience, especially once the the dashboard does load because everything is available after that.

Then I work as an administrator installing/changing applications, then I am less concerned with where the images come from. I understand how Amahi works and this is an indicator that there are other issues on the network. I also am less concerned with the images from the applications location coming from the Internet as well because I usually go into that area to install/uninstall apps and if I have no Internet, that simple will not happen.

I think this issue really all comes down to providing the best possible user experience.

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