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philesight's vanishing png

Added by cpg over 11 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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i updated to the latest as of

Sat Apr 3 18:56:13 PDT 2010

however, the png image vanishes quickly.

i debugged it a little and when being accessed directly as

i could see it.


#1 Updated by cpg over 11 years ago

hmm, i can go to it now if i type the dashboard link.

i notice that either it works right away or, if it delays a bit, it vanishes!

#2 Updated by gboudreau over 11 years ago

Doesn't act like this in my Safari. Also tried Chrome, no problem for me there neither.

Maybe try to save the dynamic PNG to disk, and create a html page with the same source as http://philesight/, but replace the dynamic image by the static image you've just saved. Might give you a pointer as to where the problem lies.

#3 Updated by cpg over 11 years ago

similar in safari - but the image appears blank, then, if a refresh a couple of seconds later, it appears!

same-o in chrome.

#4 Updated by cpg about 11 years ago

this still happens even after a reinstall.

the other complaint is that it generates a very large db:

$ du -ch /tmp/ps.db 
3.6G    /tmp/ps.db

and it does not do it very efficiently, as it takes a lot of CPU to do that nightly (around midnight, I may add, a time at which I am typically awake, so I noticed the slowdowns).

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 over 7 years ago

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