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Greyhole and DHCP starting stopping

Added by arriflex about 12 years ago.

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Carlos asked that I post a new bug here. Please bear with me as I am not familiar with how to do this, and what information is necessary to help out.
Some background: I set up the Amahi server on an little Intel Atom D510 board with a single disk and turned off DHCP and its watchdog. Subsequently, I installed/compiled VirtualBox to run the PBX in a Flash voip platform. I also setup and configured shares to host Time Machine backups from Mac clients on the network; all using the Amahi wiki and limited outside sources of information.

Then I decided that the machine was doing pretty well, and installed an additional 2TB disk to utilize in the storage pool following the Amahi wiki. I switched on the pooling for my shares, and tried doing some backups to them while I was gone but somehow I think Greyhole didn't appropriate disk space correctly as it filled up the root disk.

Then I think things started to get ugly, somehow my DHCP server got turned back on, and Greyhole turned off. Despite trying to turn on Greyhole and off DHCP using the web interface, they never seemed to stick until I rebooted. I emptied the trash from a vnc to the desktop and reconfigured the storage pool not to use the root disk so it was only using the new 2TB disk. It still tried to run the DHCP server despite my previously disabling the watchdog and boot checkboxes; however Greyhole was now running again and something was freeing up space on the root disk quickly. Eventually, the DHCP server remained stopped when I told it to stop; however I remain skeptical.

Before I hear a raft of suggestions that I utilize the DHCP server built into Amahi, please accept that I intend to continue to use my pfSense router to provide DHCP.

I am not aware of which logs will be helpful, so please ask nicely and I will provide what I can to help the project. I am impressed thus far.


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