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Ability to set the apps-proxy page as default during installation time

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Query the user during AMAHI install time: Do you want to change your network router settings (DHCP, DNS)?

If the answer is yes, make the apps-proxy the Amahi dash board and disable DHCP (maybe even DNS). This way, the user can jump into his web apps from the new dash board without the need to change his router at all.

This means the url link in the dashboard would need to look something like this: http://HDA/?aproxy=amahitunes

My router does not allow DNS changes, so I can not point to the AMAHI server as primary DNS. Because of this, I can not access my amahi app like http://mythtv.home or http://amahitunes.home.

When looking from the perspective of a new AMAHI user who is most likely is not well versed in things like DNS or DHCP, this will be a real benefit.

Please do not underestimate how "technically naive" the large crowd of users is. They are happy that their home router is up and running and they really should not do any changes in it or they will really mess things up.

BTW: My router is an AVM Fritzbox and there are claims that it has about 70% market share in Germany. So I expect I am not alone with this problem.


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It could be an option that it is not done at install time. Just supply a switch in the dash board.
Or maybe detect if an other DHCP server is running in the network. And if yes, offer to switch over to the proxy app approach

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