Bug #593

Loosing files when deleting custom webapp

Added by gboudreau almost 12 years ago.

Custom Webapps
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When deleting a custom webapp, it would be nice to get a warning of some sort, or an option to delete or not the files in the web-app directory.

Say I create a new custom webapp to see how a page I made looks through apache.
I take the dir that already have all my files (say /home/gb/Documents/something), create a webapp with that path, then replace the created html directory with a symlink to the current directory.
Once I'm done with my test, I delete my custom webapp.
And hop, all my files are gone. They have all been rm'ed by Amahi, without notice.

Since the files were there before I created the webapp, I find it disconcerting that the Amahi dashboard takes upon itself to rm everything in my folder once I'm done with the apache .conf file I needed.

Maybe just adding a checkbox "And also delete files?" just below the delete graphic would be nice (default unchecked? I'd much prefer to handle the rm by myself, than accidentally loose files).
At the very least, the dashboard should tell me it will delete my files, and that I should backup them somewhere else if I need to keep them.

PS I didn't loose any files this time, because I thought of doing a backup to a client computer before deleting.

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