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files not viewable after greyhole moves them

Added by kmchaput almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Problem is fairly straight forward -- new installation.

Shares seem to function fine, when not using greyhole. when setting the share to utilize the pool, any files that are within that share, or copied/created 'disappear'. When logged into server, can see shortcut files and the actual files (with duplicates) properly created by greyhole in the proper 'gh' location. but those shortcut files are not viewable by the desktop machine. (win7 x64)


#1 Updated by gboudreau almost 12 years ago

What is your version of samba installed ?
rpm -q samba
Make sure you have the latest (yum update).

Did you try any other client ?
For example, by mounting the share on the HDA itself (from the desktop, or command line) ?

#2 Updated by kmchaput almost 12 years ago


an update was needed, but did not fix the issue.

from the hda itself, I can of course view the link file within the folder, setting up another share point doesn't fix the issue - the directory appears empty from the client machine. (and right now, this is the only client machine I can utilize)

-- upon further testing with other shared directories, symbolic links are viewable when the original file is in the same directory, if the link points to a file in another directory, the link file cannot be seen from the client. 'wide links = yes' is set in the smb.conf file

#3 Updated by gboudreau almost 12 years ago

I didn't suggest looking in the folders themselves, or setting up another share point.
I suggested mounting your share on the HDA itself, as if it was a client computer.
i.e. mount \\hda\SomeShare from either the HDA desktop, or from the command line.
You can yum -y install samba-client, then try to use smbclient to connect to your shares: smbclient '\\hda\SomeShare'
You can use cd and ls in smbclient to navigate directories, and check that files look fine. mget filename should download filename from your current smb directory into the current local directory.

wide links option doesn't matter, since unix entensions = no should be in your smb.conf, which makes symlinks, wide or not, appear as regular files.
unix extensions = no is in your smb.conf, right ?

I seem to remember than Windows 7 had some incompatibilities with Samba 3.4; not sure what they are though.

#4 Updated by Stryck almost 11 years ago

I am having a similar problem described in this post on the forums:

It seems after a file is copied to certain hard drives (drive5 and drive6 in my setup), the samba share fails to follow the link and it is missing both when locally mounted and remotely.

unix extensions = no
wide links = yes
are both set in my smb.conf file.

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