Bug #626

Unable to access files deeper than 2 folders

Added by Xerott almost 12 years ago.

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I installed Amahi last night, and this is my first time using it. After I got Amahi all set up, I copied all of my files from my old Windows server into the appropriate Share folders. Everything is good on the server side, I'm able to access all the the files and open them no problem.

However, when I attempt to access them from another computer on my network (have tried with 4 Windows 7 machines and 1 Vista machine) and can access \\hda just fine, and I go go one level into the folders (for example "\\hda\Music") but once I try to go any deeper ("\\hda\Music\3 Doors Down") I get the following error:

"Windows cannot access \\hda\Music\3 Doors Down
You do not have permission to access \\hda\Music\3 Doors Down. Contact your network administrator to request access"

From what I gathered reading the forums you're supposed to get a popup asking you to log in to view the files, but I only got that on two of the machines, and they were still unsuccessful of going farther than 2 levels.

The interesting part is I believe it's only the files/folders that I put directly on the server via the external USB HDD. I've put several files and folders on over the network via my desktop in the folders I can access and they seem to be working fine, no problems accessing them.

So I believe that I could copy all the files onto my desktop, then place them in the Share folders through the network, but I have several hundred gigs of stuff, so I would prefer not to do that.

I asked in the IRC channel, as was told to report this as a bug along with the output from:

ls -lR

but the result is so long from that it doesn't display it all in the terminal screen. I'm sure there's a way to output it to a file, but I'm new to Linux and unsure of the commands.

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