Bug #646

System install drive filling up even though it isn't part of the Greyhole pool

Added by tailbon3 almost 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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1. Install amahi w/defaults on a 1 drive system
2. Add 2 hard drives part/format/add to amahi
3. Enable Greyhole via advanced system settings
4. Add the two new drives to the greyhole storage pools, don't add the system drive
5. Copy lots of content to a share (I copied to //hda/Movies)

System drive fills up and the two new drives don't.

Possible solution: when setting up greyhole, ask user if they want to remove system drive from any/all shares

Possible workaround: move all shares to the storage pool, only duplicate the desired shares.


#1 Updated by gboudreau almost 11 years ago

This is per design (for Greyhole).
A specific drive needs to be used as the landing zone for new files, before they get moved to the drives in the storage pool.
Amahi chose to use the system drive as the landing zone by default; you can change that by moving your shares from /var/hda/files/* into any of /var/hda/files/drivers/*/

#2 Updated by cpg almost 11 years ago

hmm, can't greyhole move the files soon after they are moved in?

it may not do it at a faster rate than the files come in, but it may be fast enough that the highline may not reach to fill the hard drive.

with any luck, it may be faster (local copy between two drives) than the incoming data.

granted there are files coming in (from the network or usb), but if that rate of incoming data is roughly equal or a bit slower, it may work just fine.

in other words, something like this may not hurt (other than system load).

also, what are the other options?

find a drive (in the pool? out of the pool? the first drive in the pool? largest drive in the pool?) that has the largest size?

#3 Updated by gboudreau almost 11 years ago

GH moves the files as fast as it can, and it starts at most 10 seconds after the first file is done.
If you have selected extra copies for those files, creating those extra copies will take time, probably more than the time it takes to copy the initial files.

I don't think Amahi can take a decision regarding where the shares (landing zone) should be.
At best, it should suggest to the user that he moves his shares somewhere else than the system drive, if it finds it's not big enough.

Myself, I use one of the drive in my pool for my shares, and I made sure it always has the necessary space I need to copy new files by changing the min_free value for that drive in my greyhole config (in the Amahi table) to 50000 (versus the default 10000 for other drives). That means that drive will always have 40GB more free space than all the other drives in my pool.

#4 Updated by blackbird over 10 years ago

i am a little bit confused. On my server Greyhle wont start to move files around after the first file is done. It waits until ALL files are done. Then i have to wait 10 sec. and after that it starts to move the files.

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