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Error in bounds checking on IP address on "network settings" page

Added by jasonward almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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This page "Network Settings" refused to accept my perfectly valid gateway address of on the grounds that the 3rd number 255 is higher than a maximum of 254.

This is incorrect, only the last part of the IP address must be 254 or lower (i.e. a more correct mask is "1 to 255, 0 to 255, 0 to 255, 0 to
254" for the 4 digits of possible gateway address).


#1 Updated by cpg almost 11 years ago

do you have a good reference? i am sure there must be an authoritative reference out there.

cisco says this is the valid range for a class c network: to

0 is usually the network address and 255 is the broadcast address. a while ago we researched this, but i don't see that we noted it (or i can't find it now).

did this come out of the box with the gateway you have?

i vaguely recall that some hardware and software will act up when faced with a 255 as part of the IP.

things are always busy, so i rather not change it if you are willing to change your router :)

of if we can find the official reference and it spells it more or less in a readable way.

#2 Updated by jasonward almost 11 years ago

Well, I can't point you here where one of the authors of RFC 1918 and I believe a member of your team says that I use a valid address.

Secondly the address "class" stuff that CISCO document talks about is hopelessly out of date, by over a decade and more, there is in effect no such thing as "class" in IP addresses any more and this were dropped in 1993 by RFC 1518 and RFC 1519 (which were themselves replaced in 2006 by RFC 4632).

Thirdly I believe the CISCO document to be just plain wrong as it has gaping holes with address ranges like to not being accounted for at all in the document.

lol, lot of work, yeah, that's why I wanted to use the address I currently use and I have a lot of setup and fixed IP's on my network. Is it possible for me to change this manually once I have installed Amahi (i.e. lie to your frontend and fix it to work with my setup post install?)

#3 Updated by cpg almost 11 years ago

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ok, i fixed this partially to admit up to 255.

it's a partial fix so that you can configure your system.

later we will update the messages and limit the 254 for the last byte.

please close if it works.

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#5 Updated by jasonward almost 11 years ago

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It appears to be working fine :)


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