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NTP configuration

Added by jasonward almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Currently if you want your Amahi HDA to maintain accurate time you need to configure NTP manually.

Please add this automatically.

Perhaps by referencing time servers at the NTP pool

Then offer the HDA to all DHCP clients as their source of NTP

As an additional extra, probably advanced configuration, for those with a fixed IP and after a suitable warning about long term commitment offer details on how to become a member of the NTP pool

As and advanced option allow people to both narrow down the the pool they use (I use the UK pool for instance, but some country pools are too small to viable at the moment, but continental pools are also offered like Oceana and also to use different time servers outside of the pool such as their ISP's etc, advance configuration should also allow the changing of the NTP server offered to clients over DHCP.

Details of the usage of the pool within open source projects is available here

I'd be happy to do a chunk of the legwork on this, but I would need mentoring by an existing developer...


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 11 years ago

This is a step that should be completed during the initial Fedora install (see It is documented in the install instructions and not necessary to duplicate in Amahi. If a user chooses not to perform this step, then we should not force it.

Also, I believe this can be completed manually after install via desktop if necessary.

#2 Updated by rgmhtt almost 11 years ago

I have configured NTP servers. The files you need to touch are:


In ntp.conf

you want to open up to your local clients and tell the servers that you are not updatedable by them:

restrict mask nomodify notrap

restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery

ntpservers has your list of servers, eg:

ntpd can be used to update hardware clock:

  1. Set to 'yes' to sync hw clock after successful ntpdate

Of course you have to enable the ntpd server, which I see is already the case here...

#3 Updated by jasonward almost 11 years ago

I installed via the ExpressCD and was never offered an option to setup NTP, and the installation once complete had no time sources setup.

I have webmin to fix this, and will add the HDA ip into the DHCP server as a NTP source for the network.

If NTP configuration is not seen as a feature for Amahi, the ExpressCD probably needs to default to using NTP over the internet, and not as it currently seems default to No.

#4 Updated by rgmhtt almost 11 years ago


The NTP setup from the install is NOT adequate. That only gets the system as an NTP client, not an NTP server for the local net.

If you want to serve NTP to the network (not have all your systems going out to get the time) then you need to configure Amahi as an NTP server. Now the NET command

net time /set /yes

Does not need Amahi to be an NTP server, only a client.

I have a couple dozen Linux systems here. I have configured 3 to be NTP servers and the rest to be NTP clients off those 3 servers rather than have all go out for their time.

#5 Updated by rgmhtt almost 11 years ago

Oh, you can always configure the NTP client via System > Administration > Date & Time

But this still only makes Amahi an NTP client, not also a server.

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