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Stopping Amahi Dynamic DNS Updater stops hdactl and thus //hda/setup

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I am setting up a server for email and don't want most of the Amahi features. I have turned off DHCP, Samba, and OpenVPN.

I plan on turning off DNS and Greyhole. But I chose to turn off Amahi Dynamic DNS Updater before these. I have been taking the cautious approach to reboot after each server is disabled.

After the reboot of the Dynamic DNS Updater, I could not get into //hda/setup. With my experience, I guessed that hdactl was not running. 'service hdactl status' confirmed this. Starting hdactl allowed me to get into setup and reenable the DDU, and with a reboot, I am now able to get into setup (hdactl is running on boot).

Either this task is doing too much or it is severely mislabelled! Given that I have my own public addresses, I don't need an external Dynamic DNS...


#1 Updated by tarl over 11 years ago

I have exactly the same issue.

Neither http://hda nor http://hda/setup work after stopping Amahi Dynamic DNS Updater (not even need to reboot).

#2 Updated by cpg over 11 years ago

Yes, it's mislabeled. It should not be allowed to disable this server.
It does more than just DynDNS, enabling the platform to run elevated commands, etc.

#3 Updated by cpg over 11 years ago

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