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Guest Access for Shares

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Amahi needs a guest features for shares. Right now it requires authentication with a user account before letting anyone use a share which might not be practical or desirable for a home-solution where ease of use is a priority.

First let’s get the basics out of the way. Guest access should be restricted by default and should not have read or write access on new shares. Once enabled the guest user should only have read access unless specifically granted write access by the administrator, especially important since permissions are taken into effect the second they are checked in the WebGUI from my understanding. Guest access should be dealt with on a per-share basis and not be a global feature.

Guest access should probably be listed OVER "All Users" in the webgui, along with its own "Writable" box. When Guest Access is enabled it should gray-out the "All Users" box, this is to illustrate that it overrides user-specific settings and give access to EVERYONE, authenticated or not. It’s very important that users of Amahi realize that guest access opens their Amahi shares to the public which is why this needs to be clearly communicated in the interface.

I realize you could technically deny access to authenticated users even with Guest access enabled but keeping it simple is more important in my opinion. Also I'm not 100% sure the feature should be named Guest Access in the GUI. It might make more sense to name it "Everyone", "Open" or something else that more clearly communicates what it does in the minds of the average user.


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We did two designs for this. We did what Zeiva suggested first: close "all users" but then we saw that we could have slightly better UI and more functionality by adding it to the bottom of the user list as a "Guests" which seems to be an accepted naming and makes sense.

we have opened #729 for tracking the translations needed for "Guests".

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