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Simultaneous Edit-Delete of Static IP crashes amahi.

Added by rdmiller3 almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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I don't want to try this again on my box, but here's how it happened...

To begin with, there is Samba traffic transferring files from an Ubuntu 10.04 box. That's probably all that's going on in the background.

I added a static IP ( for a mac address which had already been given a dynamic IP ( That seemed to work okay in the past and it seemed to work this time too.

Then I clicked on a static IP for "ipod-1" ( and clicked on the MAC address and copied it into the copy-paste buffer with Ctrl-C. Then I clicked the "Delete this static IP" icon on the right and got nothing but the "This application has an error" message from any amahi link after that.

If that page uses FORMs, my guess is that having the textarea for MAC address report its value along with the delete may have caused the problem. It's just a completely uninformed guess though, since I haven't even looked at the page source.


#1 Updated by rdmiller3 almost 11 years ago

I should add that the box stopped responding to anything at all after a few minutes. Completely locked up; even the NumLock light on the keyboard wouldn't respond. After a hard reboot, Amahi seemed fine and the static IP I had tried to delete was still in the list. I was able to delete it and add the same address with a different name.

NOTE: This box has crashed before. On its own, I think. :(

FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice if I could edit the name associated with a static IP address.

#2 Updated by rdmiller3 almost 11 years ago

I just remembered. The machine didn't lock up until after I tried "service hdactl restart" as root.

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