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Focus on a later version of Deluge

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Recently saw that theres some work on adding Deluge to the Amahi appstore. I would like to suggest moving the focus from version 1.1.9 to at least 1.2.1 or idealy 1.3.1

Reasons being mainly that some major rewrites happent to Deluge during the move 1.2.X move. I'll pull a few from their changelog here. Most importantly the webserver and webgui improvments and for a headless Amahi install the RPC protocol used in 1.1.9 was replaced which could cause issues with newer version of the client on users desktops.


•Implement new RPC protocol DelugeRPC replacing XMLRPC


•Move over to using Twisted-Web for the webserver.

•Move to only AJAX interface built upon Ext-JS.

Version 1.2.1 fixed a over-downloading bug that had to do with libtorrent, it could cause massive over-downloading of uneccesarry data (up to 20%). This got older versions of Deluge banned by quite a few trackers since this behavior hurt the torrent-swarm. This release also fixed other stuff of course, such as webgui bugs. More info here:

1.3.1 Is the current stabel release which is why its ideal of course but more important for Amahi use is that it fixes quite a few WebGUI bugs along the way, such as a 100% CPU use bug in 1.3.1 specifically. The latest package I could see for F14 is 1.3.0 though I guess it would have to be repackaged for Amahi anyway.

Deluge historical changelog

I'm in no way aware of what kind of work would be involved in making Deluge run on Amahi so I'll leave it to those who Do understand it to judge if the above notes are worth the hassel. Personally I would be carefull not to invest to much time in the pre-1.2.0 branch because of the changes brought about since then and how important these changes would be for the Amahi usage scenario as a headless server. If this becomes too big a project it might be better to drop Deluge for now and focus on maintaing the torrent clients we do have working on Amahi.


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This is the latest version supported on Fedora 12 without manual compiling. We will be using the latest version for Fedora 14 of course. This was primarily built for Fedora 14, but being tested in 12 as the older version. Anticipate no further version update for 12 as we will be only working emergency fixes.

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Sounds good to me, only remaining issue for this bugreport then is how big the differance is between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 for Amahi use. There were some seemingly important bug fixes (100% CPU use etc) for the webgui in the 1.3.1 release but I'm not sure if those effect the Fedora version of Deluge.

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The latest version is available in Fedora 14. We no longer support Fedora 12 apps unless there is a breakage.

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