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Ability to review apps

Added by tpn over 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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Would be a nice touch if you could write a review for an app. The current rating system is very nice, however, I want to know why an app has only got 3 stars after over 100 votes. Users could rate the app and optionally write some comments too.


#1 Updated by cpg over 11 years ago

we have been thinking about this for a while.

and yes, at this point, we need this badly.

from what i can see some votes are random.

i also see what looks like some trolls went through and rated many apps way low.

perhaps only people who have gotten the app for a day or two or have paid for apps should vote.

or provide a comment that is mandatory and make people say something, so that others can flag it is it's trolls.

thanks for the suggestion!

#2 Updated by tpn over 11 years ago

Thanks for looking at this cpg!

The time limit idea sounds good. Not sure about making the comment mandatory, that might end up having the opposite effect, people won't rate because it isn't so easy. On the other hand it would stop just getting 100 ratings and no review comments!

I notice (out of curiosity!) that you can rate apps regardless of whether you have it installed or not. That definitely needs to be fixed. Do your central servers know what apps are installed on hdas? Maybe users could review/rate apps in their dashboard?

#3 Updated by cpg about 11 years ago

We got a mockup today for the area under apps. How do you like it?

#4 Updated by tpn about 11 years ago

Hey cpg! That looks awesome, just what it needs!

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