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1. The Amahi Time Machine didnt appear in the time machine setup at first. I had to connect to the netatalkshare in Finder first.

2. Could it be done that the app automatically adds your shares in netatalk? I use netatalk to copy files to the server instead of Samba.

2.1 Or, could I add my shares/folders to netatalk file without problems? or would that fuck up/make problems for the app ?


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You've raised several good points, so I'd like to deal with each separately.

It sounds like you have some experience with netatalk already. If you haven't already, you can add as many lines as you like to AppleVolumes.default without affecting the app, as long as you don't change the line that the app created. 'man AppleVolumes.default' will tell you all that you need to know. The files are currently only written at install time, so your changes will be safe unless you reinstall. At the moment you may find issues with greyhole based shares. I'm working on that at the moment.

The purpose of the app is to address the Time Machine backup capability and it is unlikely that it will be extended to automatically cover all shares in the short term. there are a number of technical challenges given the range of ways users configure their shares and it would be undesirable for many users as netatalk creates a number of files and DBs to bridge the gap between the Apple stuff works and the rest of the world. However, for those who need it, it is easy enough to add manually, as described above.

Finally, the app should appear and be available to Time Machine without needing any further action on the part of the user. Can you help us work out why that is? It would be helpful if you could post your /var/log/afpd.log and and the output of 'ls -la /etc/avahi/services'.

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