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File Sharing Issue

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Testing Amahi-Ubuntu, Desktop 32 bit, 12.04; VM

Symptom: "failed to retrieve share list from server"

Investigation: ls -l /var/hda/files/ -> shows files created as user 500 for all initially installed shares (books, docs, movies, music, pictures) and newly created shares from dashboard. Further testing shows unable to save a file to any of these directories from inside the VM.

Temporary fix: chown -R 1000 /var/hda/files/ -> 1.) able to save directly to the folder from inside the VM, 2.) able to access share (from Mac Lion, the host machine), 3.) able to open edit and save file from host system and a remote system on the same network (a different Mac).


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Looks like Ubuntu users start at uid 1000.

This looks high priority, as many people will hit it right away.

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Can you provide some more info on how this happened?
What were the rights on /var/hda/files
Did you use the standard setup or did you restrict access to a specific user?
I've tried different things with an XP client and did not really encounter a problem.
IN my case /var/hda/files were mode 775 (rwxrwxr-x) and when in windows explorer I typed
\\hda\docs I got a login box, when providing credentials I could access data in the share
I could also create a 2nd user and give that user rights

Seems to take some time before things get effect.
Feel free to ping me on IRC if you want to do some more tests (although I am not really a samba wiz)


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this has been resolved in the latest releases of the repo (for about a week or two now).

the files area is now owned by user with id 1000, which is the first user in the system.

reopen if you think it's not fixed, please.

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