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Clarifying the App Store on the homepage/Tour video

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An important feature of Amahi is neglected to be mentioned in the Amahi tour video that appears on the very front page of the website, and you are only really introduced to its existence AFTER you have installed Amahi.

It's important that the concept of the app store and the funding model be introduced as soon as possible, for example, at the end of the video, for it to say, "Can be extended to do so much more with free and paid apps".

and then you can showcase some of the best applications that actually cost money, and some that dont. (eg AmahiTunes, MediaWiki, DLNA, Wordpress as an example. Would be great to say minecraft, but it isn't out of beta yet :) )

I know that you guys recieved the C&D from apple, but that was primarily because you used the word app store, I think some alternate wording needs to be decided upon, so there's ONE name we can refer to it by. some of the suggestions actually don't even render right, so it can be completely missed.

Summed up: Mention the app store free/paid apps within the tour video, and explain a bit more about the funding model on the "app store".

The thing that sold me on amahi was seeing how easy permissions management was (coming from freeNAS it's a breath of fresh air), only afterwards finding about the app store model can leave a bad impression that it's a 'cash in' if you're not expecting it.

Some clarification has been added recently about where the money goes ( ), but it's not immediately obvious.

The website needs to "sell" the product idea more than it currently does. We all understand that maintaining software packages isn't easy, but not everyone will, and it needs explaining and referencing.

cpg suggested that I file a bug for this to be added, so I'm doing so now :)


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it's always good to put a timeline on things, i thought 3 months to be reasonable?

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