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App Install Script Short Name

Added by bigfoot65 about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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The short name does not allow a hyphen between words. For example, munin-node. It skips the first part and makes is the second, i.e. node.

This capability is needed for some apps to work correctly with servers. For example, the service for Munin is munin-node. When installing the app with the short name of munin, the monit file is not created. If I make the short name munin-node, the the monit file and url are node.

This seems to also be tied to the server feature as when making it munin-node, the app is installing as node vs munin-node. I believe this is an anomaly and the install script is getting confused.

This exists on Ubuntu, but not sure about Fedora. I have yet to test it.


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 about 9 years ago

Looks like this could be primarily an issue with the new server feature in the installer. It seems that if the short name and service do not match, it only works if you do not use the server parameters.

For example, if I leave the server as munin-node with no specifics for any OS, it's fine.


If I try to change the pid path, then it causes issues. On Fedora, the app will not even install when that occurs.

f14(munin-node:munin/ u1204(munin-node:munin/

In order to get the pid path correct in the monit file, I have to sed the file with the correct path. Not the best solution, but it will work until we can resolve this issue.

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 about 9 years ago

In Fedora, Munin installs with the URL of http://munin. However in Ubuntu, it installs as http://munin-node. The short name is munin, so something else is causing the URL change.

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