Bug #974

Dashboard lists drives out of numerical order

Added by warrenway about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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In the greyhole.conf file and when issuing a greyhole -s command, the drives are listed in the same order as in fstab, which I wrote according the the Amahi wiki using UUID rather than dev/sd*. In the Dashboard, on the http://hda/setup?sub=disk_pooling&tab=share and on http://hda/setup?sub=partitions&tab=storage, the drives are listed out of order (root, drive 6, drive 9, etc). However, on the http://hda/setup?sub=disks&tab=storage page, the drives are listed in the correct order by device, which on my system is the same as my numerical order (drive 1=sdb, drive 2=sdc, etc) so that may not be related to this bug if it is one.


#1 Updated by smccloud about 9 years ago

What order are then listed in your /etc/fstab? Mine are listed in numerical order in both places you say they are out of order in.

#2 Updated by warrenway about 9 years ago

Sorry I wasn't as clear as I thought. In /etc/fstab, the drives are entered in numerical order, as well. However, they still show up in a seemingly random order on the web console under Storage/Partitions and Shares/Storage Pool. Those two console lists are identical to each other (root, 12, 10, 9, 6, 5, 8, 13, 1, 14, 3, 2, 15, 4, 16, 7, 11).

#3 Updated by warrenway about 9 years ago

Also, the disks are not listed in order of disk size, free space, or bus order.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 about 9 years ago

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