Bug #989

Plex Media Server 64 bit support

Added by dnfalk almost 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Having the following error upon install... Uninstall works correctly.

======= app install begin @ Sat Nov 24 21:34:16 -0500 2012 ==========
Installing app id y47iytek0u under /var/hda/platform/html ENV=production
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Downloading rpm package... /var/hda/web-apps/plex_media_server/elevated/ 3: [: x86_64: unexpected operator
/var/hda/web-apps/plex_media_server/elevated/ 6: [: x86_64: unexpected operator
This architecture (x86_64) is not supported yet. Sorry!
App: Plex Media Server installed ======= app install end @ Sat Nov 24 21:34:27 -0500 2012 ==========


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 9 years ago

This app is in BETA and does not work correctly. The contributor has updates to make, but unsure when those will be completed. It has not been updated for Ubuntu as of yet.

If you are willing to help debug, please let us know. We can try to determine the problem.

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 9 years ago

Just did an install and it is working fine for me. Could be a download issue of the RPM that is causing problems. It does take it a few minutes before installing the package.

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 9 years ago

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Is this resolved?

#4 Updated by eckrunal almost 9 years ago

I have installed Plex Media Server into ubuntu HDA server but not from Amahi. Installed directly from PLEX and it's working fine for me.
I have mounted my Movies folder with Plex Media server and playing movie using my ROKU on TV also for iPAD, MAC, WIndow, iPhone app too.

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 9 years ago

If you could provide details on how you did the install, we could update the Amahi app. The original contributor is not maintaining the app currently.

#6 Updated by dnfalk almost 9 years ago

Sorry about the lack of response. Was buried with work. What information do you need on how to install plex on ubuntu? As far as that, I downloaded the .deb from plex's site and ran the installer...

Let me know what else I can do to help. This bug may not be a real bug :P

#7 Updated by bigfoot65 over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

This was corrected. No further app updates applied to Amahi 6.

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