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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
1322greyholeBugClosedHigh32-bit amahi-greyhole missingbigfoot65cpg03/12/2014 03:09 AM
1089installerBugClosedNormal32-bit installation not possible (or no instructions for completing it) on Amahi 7.PatrickDickey08/18/2013 12:29 PM
1100appsBugClosedNormalA7 - couchpotato - missing subdirectory under /var/run for pid filedano512/08/2013 04:25 PMApps
1101appsBugClosedNormalA7 - PlexMediaServer pid file not detected under servers, pid file not in var/rundano512/08/2013 04:24 PMApps
1139appsBugClosedNormalAfter moving /var location the images upload fine but are not displayed properly in the WebUIachmetinternet02/03/2014 08:05 AMApps
1505websiteFeatureNewNormalAmahi Sync Hook for Application Configurationslassenlooplassenloop07/28/2014 01:10 PMPlatform
1343greyholeBugClosedUrgentAmahi-greyhole 0.9.49 not working correctlydoaservercpg04/13/2014 03:02 PM
1303plexFeatureClosedNormalamahi-plex - plexpass editiondano5cpg06/27/2016 11:54 PM
1302appsBugClosedNormalamahi-plex released -- work-around for cases where the service does not startbigfoot6503/29/2014 02:29 PMApps
1225platformBugNewNormalapp install issue with "Directory not empty - ../html"cpg12/19/2013 02:04 PM
1298platformBugNewNormalBUG: opennic being flakydano5cpg02/10/2014 04:01 PMDNS
1213platformBugClosedNormalCannot turn off DNS Server - Amahi 7.1 (Fedora 19)doaserver12/16/2013 03:37 PMDNS
1098appsFeatureNewNormalChanging default key size for DH Params to 2048 bitjtpreston09/03/2013 07:13 AMApps
1145appsBugClosedNormalCouchpotato install didn't work form dashboardachmetinternetachmetinternet12/22/2013 01:19 AMApps
1087appsBugClosedNormalCouchPotato Install fails amahi 7.1.0-1nezbigfoot6508/16/2013 08:39 PMApps
1230appsBugClosedNormalCouchpotato won't start automatically after rebootachmetinternetbigfoot6501/06/2015 07:33 PMApps
1138appsBugClosedNormalCrashPlan does not start automaticallyachmetinternetachmetinternet11/06/2013 03:59 PMApps
1291appsBugClosedNormalCrashPlan on Fedora 19twcbigfoot6504/01/2014 05:13 PMApps
1340appsSupportFeedbackLowCUPS: BETA Test Reportladdhouseladdhouse04/07/2014 06:53 AMApps
1232appsBugClosedNormalDisappearing PID Directoriesbigfoot65bigfoot6501/04/2014 07:39 AMApps
1209appsBugClosedMediumDLNA App broken - Amahi 7.1 (Fedora 19)doaserver02/03/2014 08:04 AMDLNA
1093appsBugClosedNormalDLNA Error on Amahi 7 Installnorthridgegrpcpg09/10/2013 07:06 AMDLNA
1076appsBugClosedNormalDLNA not running on Amahi 7northridgegrp08/21/2013 06:40 AMDLNA
1099appsBugClosedNormalDLNA possible fix - A7sgtfoobigfoot6512/08/2013 12:09 PMDLNA
1324appsBugClosedNormalEyeOS default password takes wrong hashcybert7903/29/2014 02:26 PMApps
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