Bug #1399

Updated by cpg almost 7 years ago

here are the things we should change:

* the plugin should probably be best called db-backups, for consistency (but this is not critical)
* the app hosting the plugin should install cleanly, instead of "This app failed to install :-( We REALLY HATE that." even cleaning the DB causes this
* the ui needs to be updated a little bit to serve as a good example to plugin developers

Here is some UI feedback (sorry for all the detail):

0 - the url should probably be /tab/apps/db-backups (or dbbackups) -- not shown in the image
1 - the title of the subtab should be something like "DB Backups"
2 - the whole table needs to be separated from the submenus. i think maybe there is some simple div missing around this area (see other areas in subtabs)
3 - the "App Db" column title should be "Database" and the app name in the column should be somewhat separated from the edge of the table and should have the name of the app not the DNS name ... e.g. "Jinzora", not "jinzora" or "Zoneminder", not "zm"
4 - put "-" instead of '"Not Backed up yet"' (no need to have locales for "-"). Instead of a date, it would be best to have "10 minutes ago"
5 - the title of the column should be just "Backed Up" (note the capitalization)
6 - this column could be combined with the middle column, e.g. with the date (or "last updated") followed by an icon to download, e.g. an arrow pointing down
7 - this column could be just an icon (combined with the previous column ... as noted in #6)

ideally the downloaded file should have the following format: <timestamp>-foo.bz2, <timestamp>-foo.gz, example 140603043622-videos5.sql.bz2 140603043622-videos5.sql.gz ... <YYMMDDHHMMSS>-<db>.sql.bz2 <YYMMDDHHMMSS>-<db>.sql.gz ... two digits for year, e.g.


i do wonder if zip would be the best format, for maximum compatibility for windows users. we can add a package dependency of zip for the app.