• Amahi Anywhere

    Amahi Anywhere is a server and a service that Amahi provides for mobile clients.

  • hdaconnect

    VPN client for windows

  • apps

    Apps for the Amahi Home Server

  • installer

    This is the main program for installing Amahi, called hda-install at the moment.

  • SPDY library

    Amahi SPDY library and tools

  • iOS App

    Amahi for iOS mobile app.

  • irc-bot

    bugs and feature requests for the irc bot

  • ubuntu

    Tracker for Ubuntu. Meant to track Ubuntu-only issues until things get merged into the mainline.

  • platform

    Amahi platform, including the dashboard, setup pages, etc.

  • pluto

    Amahi Anywhere client for Android, codenamed Pluto

  • greyhole

    Greyhole drive spooling technology!

  • translations

    Amahi translations

  • checklists

    The goal is to keep one issue keeping a checklist of things to check for a number of projects, e.g. platform, greyhole, new iso release, etc.

  • website

    Bugs/feature requests for the Amahi web sites, including main site, forums, bug tracker, wiki, blog, download areas, etc.

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