From 11/30/2015 to 12/29/2015


09:24 PM Bug #1896 (Assigned): DNS bug block website if Fixed IP host name is "TV" Reproducable wi...
My HDA began blocking the website when I set a fixed IP for my tv and gave it a name of "TV." This broke all ... TheGeebs


02:30 PM Bug #1845 (Feedback): Fedora 23 report
Did a test install and all went well. Once Amahi was installed following wiki guidance, it assigned the static IP ad... bigfoot65


03:29 PM Bug #1845: Fedora 23 report
as a CYA option, i added an alternative way to configure the network via the nmcli command to control NetworkManager.... cpg
09:28 PM Bug #1845: Fedora 23 report
i am testing a fresh install and i found one issue: hda-ctl needs to stop quicker, rather than wait until it's new wa... cpg
08:57 PM Bug #1845: Fedora 23 report
we have pulled two updates to the f23 repo:
# make rolekit disabled, which was forcing the firewall enabled
# a d...


05:15 AM Bug #1845: Fedora 23 report
looks like the rolekit service requires the firewall and that forces it to be run.
we will have to see what to do ab...


05:21 PM Bug #1845: Fedora 23 report
This is a bug cpg filed for the firewall not being disabled on reboot even though it was manually disabled. It appea... bigfoot65

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