From 04/11/2009 to 05/10/2009


09:40 PM Bug #174 (Closed): downloadable rpms should not be removed from the cache after use
Applied in changeset commit:"e997b21d18340de529630206abe2ebe08d781fe5". Anonymous


10:56 AM Bug #176 (Closed): when a script contains #! in the beginning of a line, the installer still thin...
see subsonic app installer.... cpg
08:10 PM Bug #175 (Resolved): bk
bk didn't know what he was doing - mysqld needed to be restarted. essary
07:11 PM Bug #175 (Closed): bk
this is a prize bug named after bk! cpg
06:29 PM Bug #170: Themes are in the wrong section of the dashboard.
will take a look cpg
06:28 PM Bug #174 (Closed): downloadable rpms should not be removed from the cache after use
this defeats the purpose of the cache. cpg


10:06 AM Bug #172 (Closed): app download cache
Applied in changeset commit:"6eb32bbfc1051a8f34fd8a506dc16cfaa085b841". Anonymous
09:25 AM Bug #172 (Closed): app download cache
app downloads need to be cached. cpg
09:26 AM Bug #164: burn-baby-burn
separating app cache in it's own feature request. cpg
09:22 AM Bug #164 (Assigned): burn-baby-burn
working on it. cpg


01:31 PM Bug #171 (New): Add Ability for Post-Install-Scripts
Just like the title says, give an ability to run scripts after the app is setup.
Like triggering some url for settin...
05:41 PM Bug #170 (Closed): Themes are in the wrong section of the dashboard.
Themes should not be listed under "applications." They should be "install on demand" from the themes tab.
When you ...


05:06 AM Feature #101: Installer script for creating shares on the HDA
gmw wrote:
> When installing many applications there is a desire to create a share so users can drop files into the ...
06:59 PM Feature #22 (Closed): Change user passwords
Applied in changeset commit:"f282a0d702d38812ace0b5e97417866e8e686275". Anonymous
06:29 PM Bug #164 (Assigned): burn-baby-burn
burn-baby-burn needs to have a sanity check between apps. Anonymous


12:04 PM Bug #75 (Closed): Merge web apps and applications
Applied in changeset commit:"411a6a9f88917659d3e0f5c8d6e95fbc54143914". Anonymous


02:02 PM Feature #123: Dashboard
Drag and drop for Icons ... needs change in dashboard HTML, and stylesheets
Here's the "perfected" drag and drop ...
02:01 PM Bug #24: Implement "Search box" in HDA
Fix for file link format:
10:45 AM Bug #161 (New): printer drivers centrally
from a user:
I know its possible to make amahi a printing server, but I still need to install all drivers on the X...
06:27 PM Bug #160 (Closed): need ability to set password independently in hda-create-db-and-user
Applied in changeset commit:"9504a42a8be8786d598b476b07201261833ad5da". Anonymous
06:10 PM Bug #160 (Closed): need ability to set password independently in hda-create-db-and-user
we need two things:
- an option to create a password for the user independently
- that the default password b...


01:00 PM Feature #116 (Closed): password protecting some/all of the setup pages
06:12 PM Bug #156 (Closed): deleting root account
Applied in changeset commit:"f2a3dc47a823a170abea01a43927491e88e89e6a". Anonymous


03:30 PM Bug #52 (Closed): adding an alias for an external address is broken
Applied in changeset commit:"52a5ff30b645d338a91752b37afe863fd8823f60". Anonymous
02:13 AM Bug #156 (Feedback): deleting root account
here is a patch that fixes the issue on the server side.
rpm -Uvh


01:36 PM Bug #156: deleting root account
how did you create a "root" user??
we put some controls in place to not allow for users that already exist from be...
01:27 PM Bug #156 (Closed): deleting root account
if you create a root account through the users tab in setup,
after you delete it, the root entry in /etc/passwd gets...


10:56 AM Feature #154 (Closed): caching of apps/packages downloaded
we should have a cache of downloaded packages cpg
10:56 AM Bug #153 (Closed): verify that things work without internet connectivy
over time we may have introduced something that breaks the principle of not having to be connected for things to just... cpg
10:34 AM Feature #151 (New): turn logs off for webapps
turn them all off by default cpg


07:04 AM Bug #141 (Closed): static IP address not reserving address
I setup a static ip address for laptop 1, i brought my laptop from work home fired it up and it grabbed the same addr... Anonymous
05:47 AM Bug #24 (Feedback): Implement "Search box" in HDA
Did testing on vista and xp and ubuntu linux, none of the OS's will open the any file type. Search does not bring all... Anonymous


12:00 PM Bug #24 (New): Implement "Search box" in HDA
what was checked in brings things to a very basic level of search cpg
11:59 AM Bug #24 (Closed): Implement "Search box" in HDA
Applied in changeset commit:"c847cd9b4f67193ae59f3e2e4917da9e79d6ad56". Anonymous


08:53 PM Feature #128 (Closed): Support for changing DHCP lease time
I am running Amahi on my home server and when using Amahi as my DHCP server my SSH sessions kept freezing when "SSHin... essary
05:04 PM Feature #122: Clean up Legacy "menus"
where can we put this page?
doesn't seem worth it to have a tab just to manage calendars.
05:00 PM Feature #122: Clean up Legacy "menus"
Forgot to say -- the Apps menu still says "My Apps" -- that's OK, but it should link to the INSTALLED apps, not the a... gmw


04:58 PM Feature #122: Clean up Legacy "menus"
Not sure about your question "where should we put it?"
As far as the menus -- looks OK.
Should probably add .your...
04:50 PM Feature #122 (Feedback): Clean up Legacy "menus"
ok, try the test platform i sent out (3.0-2). putting in feedback. close if happy, assign back and reopen if not.
04:18 PM Feature #116 (Rejected): password protecting some/all of the setup pages
duplicated from bug #61 cpg
03:38 PM Bug #48 (Closed): when not connected to the net, the apps tab fails
Applied in changeset commit:"cd349ad6a0b800b4c5424a4041d7d477395480aa". Anonymous
04:03 AM Feature #121: Remove Legacy Apps
i think the apps are there at 90% level.
slideshow, pba and amahitunes are also working for me. more testing soon.
03:32 AM Bug #109 (Closed): setup/apps tab breaks if is down or otherwise unavailable
Applied in changeset commit:"b9f1df77f07895dea49c9440a295b44723bbe964". Anonymous


11:39 AM Bug #24: Implement "Search box" in HDA
some icons from gmw!


03:29 PM Feature #124 (New): Integrate router control in Amahi
letAmahi control generic home router (through UpNP) ... eg. shutdown Amahi switches DHCP/DNS to the router! gmw
03:27 PM Feature #123 (New): Dashboard
Add functionality so the dash board is more fully featured:
i. drag and drop icons
ii. quick launch to user access...
03:25 PM Feature #122 (Closed): Clean up Legacy "menus"
Since more options exist for Wiki and calendars with one-click install, remove them frmo the menus.
Also, remove the...
03:24 PM Feature #121 (Closed): Remove Legacy Apps
Remove Amahitunes, PBA, Recipes, Weightwatcher from the platform and make them one-click installable
03:22 PM Feature #6 (Closed): New Features for Web Apps
03:16 PM Bug #43 (Closed): web-app install
One click installer for Jinzora removes the issue gmw
03:13 PM Bug #75: Merge web apps and applications
As an interim step subjugate the Web-apps Tab beneath the Apps Tab (so it is a sub-menu) gmw


01:16 PM Feature #116 (Closed): password protecting some/all of the setup pages
this a feature request for the new release. cpg


01:02 PM Bug #113 (New): shares cannot take international characters for name and/or path
this was reported by filip in the dutch linux magazine article!
here is the error with an example:
Processing S...


03:54 PM Bug #112 (Closed): the unistaller script should chdir to the webapp path before running the script!
probably not sure - search FIXME-bug-112 in app/models. cpg


02:35 AM Bug #24: Implement "Search box" in HDA
NOTE: we settled on the icons being 18x18 pixels and being png with transparent backgrounds.
here is a quick & dirty...

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