From 12/01/2009 to 12/30/2009


02:01 PM Bug #395 (New): users not in all lowercase fail to be created



04:49 AM Bug #394 (Assigned): usermod -c keeps on being called
usermod -c keeps on being called
even when checking a password when creating a user ...
it's usermod on the use...
01:31 AM Bug #393 (Closed): monit keeps on trying to restart httpd
Applied in changeset commit:"8d70e9ea382fd33a2f8b0df0ea6d0ada0255925e". Anonymous
12:00 AM Bug #393 (Closed): monit keeps on trying to restart httpd
the monit settings for httpd are not properly generated cpg
10:23 PM Bug #392 (Closed): fold all usernames to lowercase
we have already seen several issues with this. we should coerce all users to lowercase letters.


02:12 PM Bug #390 (New): advanced settings message says advanced features, not advance settings
one of the two (the label or the message when selecting it) should be changed.
attention should be paid to the tra...
02:10 PM Bug #389 (Closed): first user is not in "users" group
the initial integration of the first user ought to add him/her to the "users" group.
in fact, it ought to make it ...


01:18 PM Feature #383: Automatically make admin users (at least one) the domain controller admin
it would make sense to make the admin user the admin for the PDC.
we just need to investigate precisely how :)
03:21 AM Feature #383 (New): Automatically make admin users (at least one) the domain controller admin
Make one of the users a domain controller and use there password to set the samba password. When you logon to the dom... marcel
09:14 AM Feature #384 (New): Show separate set of applications on Dashboard per login
For example:
User Joe: vTiger, TheAddressBook, eyeOS, Drupal
User Tom: TheAddressBook, iCalendar, eyeOS, Drupal


03:31 AM Bug #194 (Closed): strange border in apps logos in fedora 10
fixed cpg
03:30 AM Bug #25 (Closed): long name in samba leads to weird short ("msdos" style) name seen on a mac
03:29 AM Bug #327 (Closed): Search function not working
this is fixed in amahi 5.0 cpg
03:28 AM Bug #50 (Closed): support for pre-installation scripts in apps
was fixed cpg
03:28 AM Bug #225 (Closed): One-click installer fails download from FTP site
fixed cpg
03:27 AM Bug #363 (Closed): Drive temperature
too long in feedback. believed to be fixed! cpg
03:26 AM Bug #141: static IP address not reserving address
fixed in amahi 5.0 cpg
03:26 AM Bug #17 (Closed): Networking Aliases tab form handling issue
fixed in amahi 5.0 cpg
03:25 AM Bug #217 (Closed): storage tab crashes - permission denied
it's fixed cpg
03:24 AM Bug #275 (Closed): some users do not get pluginfactory installed. network tab is borked then
this is believed to be fixed. cpg
03:23 AM Bug #19 (Closed): Networking Alias tab allow blank alias name
fixed cpg
03:23 AM Bug #105 (Closed): Web-apps cannot cerate a new web-app without a page refresh
fixed cpg
03:22 AM Bug #315 (Closed): hourly cron trying to backup non-existance webcal
this has been fixed in amahi 5.0. in part trivially as the webcal package is gone and replaced by the iCalendar app. cpg
03:12 AM Feature #60 (Closed): implement localization support
implemented in amahi 5.0! cpg
03:11 AM Feature #201 (Closed): Change default DHCP Lease time to 4 hours or greater
fixed and released in amahi 5.0! cpg
03:10 AM Feature #122 (Closed): Clean up Legacy "menus"
03:10 AM Feature #128 (Closed): Support for changing DHCP lease time
03:08 AM Feature #128: Support for changing DHCP lease time
fixed and released in amahi 5! cpg
03:06 AM Bug #37 (Closed): capitalization can break webapps
fixed cpg
03:06 AM Bug #170 (Closed): Themes are in the wrong section of the dashboard.
fixed now cpg
03:05 AM Bug #193 (Closed): in fedora 10, some/all subtab links open in separate tabs
03:04 AM Bug #153 (Closed): verify that things work without internet connectivy
08:15 PM Bug #380: Add/Remove Shares--Samba Restart
bigfoot65 wrote:
> It appears that when adding/removing shares for external drives that samba does not restart. I a...
08:13 PM Bug #380 (Feedback): Add/Remove Shares--Samba Restart
It appears that when adding/removing shares for external drives that samba does not restart. I added a USB hard driv... bigfoot65


09:32 PM Bug #378: Apps Redirected to HDA Setup Page
JCLeftie issue with POSH 2 has been corrected. It was a problem on his machine. bigfoot65
08:22 PM Bug #378 (New): Apps Redirected to HDA Setup Page
The following apps install, but when accessed you are redirected to the HDA Setup page:
Piwik 2 (occurs after login)...
05:55 PM Feature #61 (Closed): add login to setup pages
this is fixed in amahi 5.0! cpg


03:28 PM Bug #374 (Closed): Username less than 2 characters return HTTP Error 422
When creating new users, if the user enters a username of less than 2 characters, the Dashboard/Setup responds with H... hassanally
08:20 PM Bug #364: Missing Servers (F12)
the cnahe was to use the production DB by default, i.e. substitute production for development in the script until thi... cpg
08:00 PM Bug #364 (Closed): Missing Servers (F12)
Applied in changeset commit:"9555c92b50235d3f29072470affe67e7302fe458". Anonymous
07:30 PM Bug #364: Missing Servers (F12)
try this!:
07:17 PM Bug #364: Missing Servers (F12)
i am having the same issue as well with a fresh install of F12 none of my servers except those that i have installed... ggd


07:10 AM Bug #371 (Assigned): agedashi is somewhat broken
see this screenshot:
minor issue on the left side (lig...
07:54 PM Feature #305: Captive portal
cpg - it's a little different. This request would intercept web requests from people, and require them to authenticat... khelmar


07:05 PM Bug #239 (Closed): the first user does not have a corresponding samba user
fixed in the f12 release cpg
06:51 PM Bug #56 (Closed): The hda database's password is hardcoded into scripts so, changing it breaks th...
fixed in the latest repo cpg


08:55 AM Bug #364 (Closed): Missing Servers (F12)
In the applications->Servers tab, only 1 server is listed. It is the OpenVPN ALS server. This occurred after a new ... bigfoot65


12:48 AM Bug #363 (Feedback): Drive temperature
i think this has been fixed.
to test, you must have the latest released hdactl (4.6) and hda-platform (4.4-6).
04:38 PM Bug #361: TimeZone Error in PHP apps
we can do this in two steps. the second one being the hard one (change in the installer).
1) try this in custom opti...


08:11 AM Bug #363: Drive temperature
[root@home ~]# service hddtemp start
Starting hard disk temperature monitor daemon (hddtemp): [ OK ]
05:15 AM Bug #363: Drive temperature
this looks like a privilege escalation issue. works for regular users, not for apache :(
appears to be an f12 issue....

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