From 06/01/2010 to 06/30/2010


02:47 PM Bug #560: Default theme needs to be updated to support google chrome
When I say the latest dev version, I mean the latest Chrome dev version. gboudreau
02:46 PM Bug #560 (Feedback): Default theme needs to be updated to support google chrome
This is a regression in Chrome itself, not something Amahi can fix.
Latest dev version (6.0.447) on Mac has the fix.
02:11 PM Bug #560 (Feedback): Default theme needs to be updated to support google chrome
The default Amahi theme in google chrome looks a bit off. Please see the attached screenshots. llamallama
01:23 PM Bug #559 (New): DNS and DHCP server missing in servers panel
The DNS server and DHCP server are no longer available in the servers panel as show in the attached screenshot. I'm r... llamallama


09:56 PM Bug #557 (New): bug tripped in greyhole setup area

very useful and actionable debug report!
On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:51 PM, wrote:
> ----------------------------...


03:06 PM Bug #553 (New): Greyhole and DHCP starting stopping
Carlos asked that I post a new bug here. Please bear with me as I am not familiar with how to do this, and what infor... arriflex
10:42 AM Bug #552 (New): app installer needs to somehow track and report dependency install failures
generally, more error checking needs to be performed on the installer.
the issue is that yum install failures are ...


07:36 PM Feature #550 (New): Update Button
An additional button to automatically uninstall and reinstall or just update an already installed app. dizzy1


01:48 PM Feature #46 (Assigned): add user apache to group users by default
this is being prototyped.
SolaR__ is helping
01:45 PM Bug #40 (Feedback): PBA for Time Machine
01:45 PM Bug #40: PBA for Time Machine
Directions to using Time machine in
Is that what...
10:20 AM Feature #549 (New): Removing an additional hard drive can cause HDA boot failure
I experienced this when a power failure made an external USB drive unreachable. I had added this drive via the instr... repat


12:14 PM Bug #547 (Closed): Servers panel not easy to find
Applied in changeset commit:"0b88b6dabcb58324f7d84ea0c810708dee54a7c2". Anonymous
11:41 AM Bug #547 (Assigned): Servers panel not easy to find
11:37 AM Bug #547 (Closed): Servers panel not easy to find
I was unaware that I could restart the ushare service via the dashboard. The option was only viewable once I had enab... Nurbit


08:58 AM Bug #546 (Resolved): Greyhole can't postpone tasks
When all drives are full (that's just one example), the current tasks that GH was working on will be postponed, to be... gboudreau
05:44 PM Bug #529: greyhole quits when not configured properly - better if it not did
As discussed by email: That's an Amahi issue, it should be fixed in Amahi... not Greyhole.
Example: Try to remove ...


01:46 PM Bug #490: milestones to release greyhole
NOTE: See this thread "this thread": for discussions of poss... cpg


08:34 PM Feature #543 (New): Greyhole shouldn't be available when shares are on a non-Linux-formatted part...
Non-Linux-formatted partitions (like NTFS or FAT) can't handle symlinks, and since symlinks are created in the shared... gboudreau


10:43 PM Feature #541 (New): Allow non admin users to change their own password without admin user interve...
We need the ability for non admin users on an hda to change their passwords without admin doing it for the user. I ha... trucklover

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