From 06/12/2015 to 07/11/2015


07:46 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1641: create database in utf8 from the get go
/usr/bin/hda-create-db-and-user should be updated to use UFT8 by default as well. bigfoot65
07:45 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1468: lease time is not propagated correctly
Not sure if this is still valid. hda-ctl code reflects:... bigfoot65
06:36 AM Feature #1378 (Closed): Requesting the ability to modify the DHCP pool from the dash
#1696 covers this feature. bigfoot65
06:33 AM Bug #1627 (Assigned): Share Variables for install scripts
06:28 AM Bug #1070 (Closed): Adding a web app manually like in Amahi 6
The we apps plugin restores this capability. bigfoot65
06:27 AM Bug #1154 (Closed): Greyhole Samba Settings
This was fixed by using Greyhole Web-UI.
06:24 AM Bug #1214 (Closed): DNS Server in Settings->Servers tab
This appears to be corrected in Amahi 7 and 8. bigfoot65
06:20 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1374 (Closed): webapps submenu is not showing
This was corrected in the webapps plugin.
If we want this as a standard part of Amahi, maybe it should be installe...
06:13 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1584: Partitions info page shows all mounts
See #1493 for the solution. bigfoot65


05:48 PM Bug #1755 (Closed): Add Dependency to Installer
Recommend we add *psmisc* package as a dependency for Amahi. It provides the command _killall_ that is used by some ... bigfoot65

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