From 06/13/2016 to 07/12/2016


07:40 AM Bug #1802: MariaDB Server Status Shows "Stopped"
Work around still corrects issue yes. You are right though, it does affect perceptions from anyone doing a clean ins... austwhite


01:16 PM Bug #1802: MariaDB Server Status Shows "Stopped"
It's not a harmful behavior, so it's not a huge deal. However, since it affects perceptions we probably need to addre... cpg
01:06 PM Bug #1802: MariaDB Server Status Shows "Stopped"
IS there any update. I have just recently (last 3 weeks) completed a Clean Install of AMAHI 9 and the MariaDB Server... austwhite


09:54 PM Bug #2073 (New): hda-ctl calls hda-change-network, which blocks for a long time
this could be a more serious issue in f24, though it appears to succeed eventually:... cpg
09:03 PM Bug #2071 (Closed): deprecation warnings in latest rails 4
see this build log for details, plenty of them -- including some failed test - cpg

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