From 12/14/2019 to 01/12/2020


08:57 AM Bug #2389: Express CD Issues
Changing _Generic release 27 (Generic)_ to _Fedora release 27 (Twenty Seven)_ in */etc/redhat-release* should correct... bigfoot65


11:28 AM disk wizard plugin Bug #2395: Disk Wizard Error
I have been working on my second Amahi server today as I wanted to change the drives around, so I can have the OS on ... rhglass
02:10 AM Bug #2417 (New): Amahi Dashboard show old news
the Amahi Dashboard latest News is from 2 years ago and it makes the Amahi project look like not supported anymore, I... rhglass
01:45 AM plugins Bug #2373 (Closed): amahi 11 Disk Stats work but there a error message on the screen
this problem was fixed closing bug rhglass
01:43 AM disk wizard plugin Bug #2396: installing using Amahi 11 Express CD
I am going to leave this one open hope we can fix soon but not a big problem rhglass
01:41 AM Feature #1721 (Closed): Using wildcard DNS aliases (useful for two HDAs on the same network)
I still want to be able to run two or more Amahi servers on the network, this just need to work from the installed, I... rhglass


06:24 PM disk wizard plugin Bug #2395: Disk Wizard Error
Due to all the issues users are having with the app, I have moved it back to BETA for Amahi 11.

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