From 12/30/2009 to 01/28/2010


07:06 PM Feature #316 (Closed): Tin Can Jukebox needs to update it before going live
App updated to latest version and now works with F12. Closing bug. bigfoot65


08:13 PM Bug #424 (Resolved): apps: DLNA doesn't install
Was missing the RPM Fusion apps... Installing those solved this. gboudreau
07:49 PM Bug #424 (Closed): apps: DLNA doesn't install
Clicked installed. All appeared OK. HDA now says it's installed. But it's not.
Trying to install the package using...
04:17 PM Bug #423 (Closed): gallery2 misconfigured
It's fixed and verified that it works in my environment. Thanks!


03:36 PM Bug #423: gallery2 misconfigured
Reconfigured install script to remove domain. App has been tested and appears to work fine. Recommend this bug be c... bigfoot65
09:00 PM Bug #423: gallery2 misconfigured
the workaround until this is fixed is doing this, both as root:
1 - change the domain from to your dom...
08:38 PM Bug #423 (Closed): gallery2 misconfigured
gallery2 looks like it has a bug in the configuration of the app ...
when i try curl -v i...


04:44 PM Bug #418: Opengoo: Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
just to be clear (i missed it) this is what needs to be done (as root):... cpg


09:50 AM Bug #421 (Closed): EyeOS Calendar events don't save.
EyeOS Calendar doesn't allow events to be saved. The following is copied from the original forum post at [[http://for... greenstar


03:41 PM Bug #420: Clonezilla
A new version of Clonezilla is available, so the download location had been changed. Updated script to use new versi... bigfoot65
02:14 PM Bug #420 (Assigned): Clonezilla
01:37 PM Bug #420 (Closed): Clonezilla
After running the One-click installer for the Clonezilla app, the following messages are displayed when executing the... Mainul82
07:39 PM Bug #418 (Closed): Opengoo: Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
07:30 PM Bug #418: Opengoo: Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
OpenGoo has been fixed. There is an .htaccess file buried deep in /var/hda/web-apps/opengoo/html/public/assets/java... bigfoot65
06:40 PM Bug #418 (Assigned): Opengoo: Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
bigfoot65 is looking into it cpg
06:18 PM Bug #418 (Closed): Opengoo: Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
when trying to start a new document in opengoo, i get this error:
Error: CKEDITOR is not defined
Ferrell is the...
07:32 PM Bug #372 (Assigned): SQLite warning when eyeos is installed, no access to mail client
can this be closed? cpg


06:10 PM Bug #417 (Closed): Clonezilla/GParted
Both apps need uninstall scripts built to be run as root user. bigfoot65


06:21 PM Bug #406: tiny tiny rss not loading
f9 could be at issue.
check the error log got the webapp (/var/hda/web-apps/tiny-tiny-rss perhaps?) ?
also are ...


09:23 AM Bug #406 (Closed): tiny tiny rss not loading
Status bar never completes on initial loading of the page. See video This is o... spatialguru
09:16 AM Bug #338: Webchess app Admin account not working
Hmm, I just installed this now (Jan 2010) and seem to have same problem on FC9 spatialguru


03:56 PM Bug #399: Sparkweb will not allow account creation
I installed the app and added 2 users with no problems. Both were able to log in. There may be a minimum password l... bigfoot65
03:07 PM Bug #403: install the phprecipebook on amahi 5.0 fedora12
THe download location had been moved. THe app has been updated, tested, and works. Recommend this bug be closed. bigfoot65
02:44 PM Bug #403 (Closed): install the phprecipebook on amahi 5.0 fedora12
After i try to install the application i receive a msg "Preparing to install..." before appears the msg downloading a... kaneco
01:33 AM Bug #237 (Feedback): egroupware
priority changed to low,
due to, no error description,
if a bugg report is not reproduceble, it cant be invest...
10:31 PM Bug #401 (Closed): Amahi Transmission Conflicting with Pre-Installed Transmission
One of the first Amahi apps I installed was Transmission, I use it on my iMac and it's a great torrent client.
I n...


03:39 AM Bug #387 (Closed): Some apps not using long URL, redirects
i just checked it and it is using long URLs.
however, this looks like it is actually an instance of #398 ... which...


03:25 PM Bug #382 (Closed): rpmfusion apps do not work
this has been fixed cpg
03:18 PM Bug #399: Sparkweb will not allow account creation
attached this to the app, owner notified. cpg
01:19 AM Bug #399 (Closed): Sparkweb will not allow account creation
App installed, ran - gives login screen, I clicked on Create Account and it will not create the account. Gives gener... jcleftie


07:17 PM Bug #397 (Closed): MythTV backend needs to be updated to the latest database format
the mythtv-setup does update autoamtically, but we're well behind the times on this.
we're 30 versions behind. we'...
07:07 PM Bug #391: clonezilla recommendations
bigfoot65 wrote:
> Changed share to DriveBackups.


08:09 AM Bug #391: clonezilla recommendations
Changed share to DriveBU. bigfoot65

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