From 10/28/2012 to 11/26/2012


02:24 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Was that after installing, then running the auto update? I would be glad to update the app, but I need to understand... bigfoot65
07:41 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
When I checked the log I had an error that at the end stated that I had an unsupported version of CPS. achmetinternet


02:34 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Not sure what needs done to CouchPotato Update app. I have tested and it appears to work fine. Am I missing somethi... bigfoot65
07:53 PM Bug #989: Plex Media Server 64 bit support
Just did an install and it is working fine for me. Could be a download issue of the RPM that is causing problems. I... bigfoot65
07:43 PM Bug #989: Plex Media Server 64 bit support
This app is in BETA and does not work correctly. The contributor has updates to make, but unsure when those will be ... bigfoot65
07:04 PM Bug #989 (Closed): Plex Media Server 64 bit support
Having the following error upon install... Uninstall works correctly.
======= app install begin @ Sat Nov...


03:53 PM Bug #988 (Closed): qBittorrent
This is not a bug. Shares are not removed by design to prevent accidental deletion of files. Closing since there is... bigfoot65


01:14 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Created a file named _.htaccess_ in /var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html and filled it with the following three lines:
12:25 AM Bug #985 (Feedback): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
CPS now works nearly flawlessly (still getting no results from TPB).
What I have done is to install your app _Couc...
01:13 PM Bug #988 (Closed): qBittorrent
After uninstalling the app from the dashboard the folder "qbittorrent" in /var/hda/files remains. achmetinternet


12:15 AM Bug #985 (New): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
When asking the developer for support I get the following response on github:


04:47 AM Feature #986 (Closed): Gallery app where photos are visible from phone
Currently I have gallery3 installed on my HDA. What I would like to do is to point an Android app at my SMB folder in... achmetinternet
01:02 AM Bug #985 (Feedback): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Spoke to one of the developers and he gave me the following feedback, i.e. seems you did not wrap the newest version ... achmetinternet


02:49 AM Bug #985 (Closed): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Hi, I had installed v1 without problems so I just needed an updated app packaged by you guys. Now it runs but some is... achmetinternet


12:18 PM Bug #985 (Feedback): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Not sure why the default install is not working. Recommend this be closed as no one else has reported issues. Appea... bigfoot65


01:02 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Ok, I installed it and it seems to have gone good. Now just testing if I can add and download items. achmetinternet
04:17 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
No problem. The name is coming from here:
I don't see a need t...


03:15 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
I should have mentioned that we gave him access to the updated app for testing.
One note about the name: I did not...
02:32 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
We can add it to the list if apps that need updates. However, there is no estimate as to when it will be complete. bigfoot65
03:37 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Worst case I have to reinstall CP again, don't I? Or are you worried it might break other "things"?
And how long ...
03:00 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
I would not do the update, as it may break things.
However, packaging it as a separate app may be the best solution.
02:50 AM Bug #985 (Closed): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Hi there,
how can I update my CP to CPS? I would do it manually but I need some help as I am afraid this instructi...

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