From 05/13/2014 to 06/11/2014


07:40 PM Bug #1425: Couchpotato Stops functioning after "apt-get upgrade"
Worse. Now, after installing the website won't load at all - Chrome reports "The Webpage is unavailable". Checking in... bdaz
07:31 PM Bug #1401: Transmission App not working
I don't think I did anything to the HDA that would have caused this issue (but I never rule it out, LOL). Current ap... vegaramos1


04:11 PM Bug #1425 (Feedback): Couchpotato Stops functioning after "apt-get upgrade"
Updated to latest version, 2.4.0. Please test and report back if this is resolved.
04:32 AM Bug #1425 (Closed): Couchpotato Stops functioning after "apt-get upgrade"
Couchpotato application continues to load, but most of User Experience doesn't display (only top banner, search box, ... bdaz
07:52 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
removed and reinstalled, did run immediately after install. will check reboot autostart once library re-indexes. Have... fvicente
05:07 PM Bug #1401 (Feedback): Transmission App not working
Have not been able to duplicate the issue. Is there anything you have done manually to the HDA? Are OS updates inst... bigfoot65


05:06 PM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
App updated and service now works. Uninstall, then as root user do:
@yum erase supersync@
Once uninstalled, rein...


11:33 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
still working 24hrs later but I haven't migrated music yet. I have to add another VHD to the VM first. fvicente
05:37 PM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
The app is still not working right. Should not have to run the script as it should work on install.
08:52 PM Bug #1401 (Closed): Transmission App not working
I am running Amahi 7/Fedora 19. I had the Transmission app running successfully on my HDA, then one day it just stop... vegaramos1


10:08 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
got it!
uninstalled, removed, installed 1.0.8, restarted. Service was still start-limit stopped. Had to run
08:07 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
There is no update button for apps unless it's integrated into the app itself. The only way to update is to uninstal... bigfoot65
07:31 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
i see they pushed out an update, but I don't see an update button anywhere in the amahi control panel. tried "yum upd... fvicente


02:13 PM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
The error being reported is:
@Starting SuperSync Server 1.0.7 (build 20140513)
Starting SuperSync 5.4.4 build 201...
02:09 PM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
I am afraid it appears to be broken. I will try to contact the vendor and see if they know of the issue. They are s... bigfoot65
10:31 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
the amahi app-install log shows the installation, with no errors.
"systemctl start supersync.service" starts the s...
08:02 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
Thanks for the feedback. There is a service which runs the app.
As root user, try:
@systemctl start supersyn...


08:34 AM Support #1337: Amahi/SuperSync Integration
installed SuperSync from apps list. service doesn't want to start. If I run the from the /opt/supersync di... fvicente

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