From 09/29/2014 to 10/28/2014


09:08 PM Bug #1564 (Feedback): Upgrade Plex App to Latest Server Version from Plex
here is a 64-bit rpm with a build of the release you mention. please test it, keeping in mind that just updating coul... cpg


06:44 PM Bug #1565 (Feedback): Cannot use calibre app
This app has not been updated in quite some time. It's in ALPHA, so not surprised it does not work.
We cannot hel...


08:22 AM Bug #1565: Cannot use calibre app
When I try to use the filename of the library "metadata.db" in the command I get the following error:


10:16 AM Bug #1565 (Closed): Cannot use calibre app
I get the following errors when I try to add a book via CLI and consequently wanted to set the path for the library. ... achmetinternet


07:24 PM Bug #1564 (Assigned): Upgrade Plex App to Latest Server Version from Plex
07:06 PM Bug #1564 (Closed): Upgrade Plex App to Latest Server Version from Plex
Plex Version is the current version of the Plex server for Fedora as shown on the Plex download ... kentlink


08:14 AM Bug #1558 (Closed): Plex Media Server Update
New version released. Closing bug as no further action required. bigfoot65


03:00 AM Bug #1558: Plex Media Server Update
this was a bit too much -- the idea was just to update the RPM.
by doing that the version in the dashboard app wou...
01:39 AM Bug #1558: Plex Media Server Update
ok ... some odd things to report ...
I went into terminal logged in as root ... and tried to do the install with th...
06:03 PM Bug #1558: Plex Media Server Update
I'll give it a run later tonight or tomorrow morning ... pending a couple of scenarios .
Did you setup a temp file a...
02:39 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
As I mentioned, I believe the app only uses the released versions when it updates.
It does contain all the pieces ...
09:52 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Ok, so no database updates (bummer). But the Amahi app does not contain all pieces since when I run "git pull" I get ... achmetinternet


02:00 PM Bug #1558 (Feedback): Plex Media Server Update
can you guys help test this 64-bit rpm with the updates?... cpg
08:00 PM Bug #1558: Plex Media Server Update
I just got home after a long trip .... any updates or progress ?


01:06 PM Bug #985 (Feedback): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
Updates in Master are not the released versions are they? Based on what I have observed, the app updates based on re... bigfoot65
03:11 AM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
This thread was from the get-go related to updating this app so I thought I would re-open it since the dashboard text... achmetinternet


04:45 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
I just checked and it does update correctly. The version will not change on
the app in the dashboard
Also there ...
01:21 PM Bug #985: Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
We do not really like these "auto update" features from within apps like this. They tend to fail, leaving users deep ... cpg
05:27 AM Bug #985 (Rejected): Updating couchpotatoserver (CPS)
I tried to update from within the app but it tells me that there is no update available which is not correct. On the ... achmetinternet

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