From 07/11/2015 to 08/09/2015


05:10 PM Bug #1771 (Assigned): Clonezilla failed to install
will take a look, in case it's due to the major security upgrade we did to the site yesterday.
thanks for the pati...
05:05 PM Bug #1771: Clonezilla failed to install
odd. I did all that. Then tried three different machines. The last one was the actual HDA (I have a GUI on it). Here ... jonathankonrad


11:24 AM Bug #1771 (Feedback): Clonezilla failed to install
You did not have access to the app so not sure how you saw it in your list. I have now provided you access, so pleas... bigfoot65
10:41 AM Bug #1771 (Assigned): Clonezilla failed to install
I thought I would give this another test. Sorry I have not spent much time on it. Anyway, it failed to install. Here ... jonathankonrad


05:45 PM Bug #1735 (Feedback): Amahi RPMs for Fedora 21
this this then report please:... cpg


03:18 PM Bug #1642 (Closed): Update amahi-greyhole
thanks amahi-greyhole-0.9.63-0 has been released for amahi 7 (f19) and amahi 8 alpha (f21) in their corresponding rep... cpg
02:39 PM Bug #1642: Update amahi-greyhole
Tested using Greyhole checklist and did not find any issues.
Recommend pushing to PRODUCTION for Fedora 19 and Fed...
01:26 PM Bug #1642 (Feedback): Update amahi-greyhole
try this see if it works (not made it a live url here in the bug tracker on purpose, to prevent crawlers)... cpg
12:52 PM Bug #1642: Update amahi-greyhole
New version, 0.9.63:... bigfoot65


01:34 PM Feature #1762 (Closed): New photo app required
The bug tracker is not the preferred location for suggesting apps. Request you use the Amahi Suggest link on the web... bigfoot65
10:21 PM Feature #1762 (Closed): New photo app required
As you might know, development for Gallery 3 has halted and we should be looking for alternatives. What about Piwigo ... achmetinternet


02:37 PM plex Bug #1648: Plex web interface not working with short name -- work-around required
I just thought I would check in to see if any progress has been made ...
I know you are busy with other things ... ...
07:46 AM Bug #1642: Update amahi-greyhole
New version available; 0.9.62... bigfoot65


12:58 PM Bug #1759 (Closed): phpmyadmin 4.4.10 original download gone
Updated the app this morning with a new version using the new site. Installed and all is well.
02:50 AM Bug #1759 (Closed): phpmyadmin 4.4.10 original download gone
this file vacated the internet and left a 404 in it's place:... cpg

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