From 07/31/2015 to 08/29/2015


07:37 PM Bug #1771 (Feedback): Clonezilla failed to install
Is this still an issue?
I have repeatedly tested the app and have not had any issues.
07:36 PM Support #1754 (Closed): Amahi Plex says : "you do not have permissions to access this server"
No response indicates there is no longer a problem. bigfoot65
06:32 PM Bug #1785 (Feedback): ownCloud 8 Missing PHP Modules (Fedora 21)
Added a php module and tested app on prestine Amahi 8 machine.
Installed and worked with no errors. Checked and a...


02:47 PM Bug #1785 (Feedback): ownCloud 8 Missing PHP Modules (Fedora 21)
With OwnCloud8 when I visit it, I get errors like: "PHP module zip not installed. Please ask your server administrato... td512


01:04 PM Bug #1734 (Closed): amahi-plex
this rpm has been released to our repo. cpg
07:44 PM Bug #1734: amahi-plex
Works like a champ. I followed your instructions and did not touch anything took about 5 minutes or so to ... Awetsock
05:42 PM Bug #1734: amahi-plex
Please give this rpm a try, with the following conditions:
* DO NOT REINSTALL THE Amahi APP. It will show the same...
05:22 PM Bug #1734: amahi-plex
oh, man, plex is such a beast.
we have limited bandwidth to deal with app-related internal issues.
we're going ...


05:10 PM Bug #1771 (Assigned): Clonezilla failed to install
will take a look, in case it's due to the major security upgrade we did to the site yesterday.
thanks for the pati...
05:05 PM Bug #1771: Clonezilla failed to install
odd. I did all that. Then tried three different machines. The last one was the actual HDA (I have a GUI on it). Here ... jonathankonrad


11:24 AM Bug #1771 (Feedback): Clonezilla failed to install
You did not have access to the app so not sure how you saw it in your list. I have now provided you access, so pleas... bigfoot65
10:41 AM Bug #1771 (Assigned): Clonezilla failed to install
I thought I would give this another test. Sorry I have not spent much time on it. Anyway, it failed to install. Here ... jonathankonrad


05:45 PM Bug #1735 (Feedback): Amahi RPMs for Fedora 21
this this then report please:... cpg

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