From 08/25/2016 to 09/23/2016


05:42 PM Bug #2157: Network Time App
One other alternative is to uninstall and reinstall the app. That should restore the customized service file to use ... bigfoot65


06:47 PM Bug #2157 (New): Network Time App
The Amahi Network Time app modifies the ntpd.service file to add the following after $OPTIONS:... bigfoot65


11:56 PM Bug #2153 (Closed): Amahi Anywhere Server Stopped
We added this dependency for this app. Something may have changed in the upstream repos that is causing this. It's to... cpg
11:18 PM Bug #2153: Amahi Anywhere Server Stopped
Update: I tried the Amahi app on an iOS device just now and it works fine. Assuming it doesn't stop again I would say... TeamHodgdon
10:25 PM Bug #2153: Amahi Anywhere Server Stopped
That appears to have allowed me to start the service.
My mobile devices are not able to see my shares via the And...
10:09 PM Bug #2153 (Feedback): Amahi Anywhere Server Stopped
please try this:... cpg
07:59 PM Bug #2153 (Closed): Amahi Anywhere Server Stopped
Amahi Anywhere Service stops with no apparent warning or reason. It started up and functioned after server reboot but... TeamHodgdon


02:39 PM Bug #2133: Amahi netboot
There are no logs unfortunately once it netboots to the apps.
I did see an error about Kernel compatibility with n...
12:45 PM Bug #2133: Amahi netboot
Can you post logs with details, like errors, etc. cpg
11:48 AM Bug #2133: Amahi netboot
Been working with amahi-netboot quite a bit. I can get it to boot, but the Clonezilla and gParted apps seem to hang.... bigfoot65


05:45 PM plex Bug #2140 (Assigned): Plex Update


11:11 PM plex Bug #2140 (Closed): Plex Update
Version packaged in the app is, most current version is, link to the rpm is : https://downloads... kogimus


07:26 PM Bug #2128: Fedora 24 Apps Failing in Grinder
Found netatalk F24 RPM: bigfoot65
06:53 PM Bug #2133: Amahi netboot
Updated MemTest:
I don't believe the following files are...


01:55 PM Bug #2133 (Assigned): Amahi netboot
Need amahi-netboot built for Fedora 23 & 24.
Presume the setup will be the same as Fedora 21.
Might be able to ...


04:03 AM Bug #1771: Clonezilla failed to install
bigfoot65 wrote:
> Turns out there is a package missing. Until it can be built and made available, this app will no...

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