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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
2199BugClosedNormalzoneminder has invalid RPM dependency in F25cpgcpg01/12/2017 05:43 PM
2189BugClosedNormalupdate requested for crafty syntaxcpgbigfoot6512/06/2016 06:11 PMApps
2181BugClosedNormalNew plex update from 1.1 to 1.2Osyrus03/28/2017 06:08 PM
2179BugClosedNormalDeluge Won't Start/Partial Start after Server Rebootburn913burn91311/02/2016 11:47 PMApps
2153BugClosedNormalAmahi Anywhere Server StoppedTeamHodgdoncpg09/15/2016 11:56 PMAmahi Anywhere
2140BugClosedNormalPlex Updatekogimuscpg10/01/2016 04:50 PM
2128BugClosedNormalFedora 24 Apps Failing in Grinderbigfoot65bigfoot6503/28/2017 06:03 PMApps
2126BugClosedNormalAmahi Netbootbigfoot65cpg03/28/2017 06:07 PMApps
2115BugClosedNormalMulticraft java installwilholtwilholt08/13/2016 12:25 PMApps
2091BugClosedNormalcrashplan issuing too many inotify watches -- other processes report "No space left on device"cpgbigfoot6507/18/2016 05:30 PM
2089BugClosedNormalApps on Home Domain Not Loadingupsidedowncakeupsidedowncake07/17/2016 09:07 PMDNS
2083BugClosedNormalTimemachine fails to start after reboot and, probably, stops by itself after a couple of weeksbolarbolar07/23/2016 06:27 AMApp
2059BugClosedNormalSickrage on Amahi 9evylratevylrat03/28/2017 06:06 PMApps
2053BugClosedNormalPlex on Amahi 9 not startingWiFiNetGuycpg06/27/2016 11:48 AM
2043BugClosedNormalIssue when trying to open Transmission webuitherealistninjatherealistninja03/28/2017 06:06 PMApps
2033BugClosedNormalError installing Logitech Media Server in Amahi 9matteocpmatteocp04/29/2016 07:02 PMApps
2029BugClosedNormalLatest packages for Amahi 9 installnagybalcpg04/14/2016 01:53 PM
2028BugClosedNormalPlex Media Server needs to be released for Amahi 9bigfoot65cpg04/26/2016 11:12 PMApps
2026BugClosedNormalGreyhole starts faster then MariaDB - Critical Error in Log "Can't connect to database"micmasmicmas04/09/2016 03:10 AMGreyhole
2022BugClosedNormalAmahi Time Machine not recognized by OSX on 2011 iMac running 10.11.4bigfoot65cpg04/06/2016 06:47 PMApps
2020BugClosedNormalSqueezeboxserver broken Fedora 23 - Amahi 9micmasmicmas04/10/2016 10:30 AMApps
2019BugClosedNormalowncloud on F23mattmanmattman04/03/2016 05:00 PMApps
2016BugClosedNormalAmahi Time Machine installation Error in Amahi 9pjcruxpjcrux04/02/2016 09:01 AMApps
2006BugClosedNormalqBittorrent: Watchdog logs error and info to monit.log.DixxheadDixxhead03/16/2016 05:32 PMApps
1999BugClosedNormalhandbrake-cli is missing from rpmfusion reposcpgcpg03/09/2016 04:43 PM
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